Indigo light – the anaesthetic

Indigo light is deep blue, royal blue but darker. Perhaps navy describes it better.
Its effect on the physical is anaesthetic. It reduces feelings of pain by slowing down pain messages through the nerves to the brain. It slows thought – the opposite of yellow. In this way it calms and tranquillises. It is useful to restrain cell growth – e.g. cancer and to pacify inflammation especially of nerves and nervous disorders. It acts on the nervous system.

Spiritually, it acts as a release mechanism to the soul from physical bodily things. The physical, tranquillised and anaesthetized, releases its grip on the spiritual part of man, which can now function better. Thought can go from the body to the spiritual aspect of existence.

Indigo light stimulates spiritual thought. It is a meditative colour. The freed mind can roam to grasp new insights and spiritual concepts.

Indigo things are meditation, contemplation, stillness and silence.

Colour your life with lots of indigo things – but not too much. All spirit colours can be depressant. When you are feeling too spiritual, consciously colour you life with red, yellow and orange.

The trick is that you should do it consciously – then you are in complete control. If you feel you have enough meditation, healing, spiritual experiences etc. decide what earth thing you are going to do and do it with greatest enjoyment and no guilt! Your soul has clothed itself in a physical body that can bring as much joy as pain. Its the joy part you should experience with no feelings of guilt to spoil it. If it becomes pain, especially emotional pain, run and hide in purple.

Purple light is the highest vibrating colour with the shortest wavelengths. It works on the emotions of the physical body. It tranquillizes like indigo and is an emotional painkiller. Purple and indigo frequencies are strong medicine.


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