Impractical Bliss

I am introducing this post by talking about purple and then, the impracticability of Bliss.

Purple light is the ultimate painkiller – especially for emotional pain so if you were needing to be enthusiastic and emotive, you would block out these feelings as well if you irradiated yourself in Purple Light. Do lots of purple things in your life when you are hurting emotionally.

Purple activities are: – meditation, complete non-activity, stillness (physical and mental), just being, the I AM of no emotion, the total rest of not feeling.

Purple anaesthetizes emotions in the physical body. It works on the brain like Indigo. It slows the thought processes so that you can get into contact with your spiritual facet.

God is complete stillness, no activity, no emotion, except the joy of being, the bliss state.The bliss state is unobtainable while thought and emotion, mental activity, and physical action is surging through you. It can only be found in meditation.

A core of happiness is your objective in a spiritual life. When your connections to the physical body can be controlled at will – and in the last several posts, I have given you a colour-map to follow if you follow a “Light Diet”, then you can live in a state of stable happiness.

Bliss is no activity, total rest, no agitation, no emotion, only complete joy, the void. It is the colour of black. Black is the colour of the Source – all frequencies, conserved energy, all possibilities in poise.The Source at rest is black – the absence of light, Source in action is white – all colour – all light. If you achieved this  bliss state and lived in it completely, you would be colourless, emotionless, boring, dull, uninteresting and motionless. You would be an almost brain dead vegetable. No one would notice you and you would not be aware of what was going on around you. You would feel and see nothing except your own joy. It is not advisable to achieve this state in a physical incarnation.

The trick is to achieve a kernel of bliss, which I would describe as stable happiness, to develop a core of joy, around which you throw the colours of life. They are YOUR colours under YOUR control. Others may do what they like in the hurly burly world around you but you will always remain bright and beautiful.

Love your light


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