Naming your Inner Guide

We all have an inner guide. The trick is to know how to contact our guide. For serious connection we sit with quiet expectation, yet no expectation. Listen, but do not listen. Be aware, but not too aware. Create an emotionless quiet that is the correct ground for the seeds of thought your guide will plant.

But sometimes our Guides “flash” ideas when we are driving, talking, working, walking. Ideas come through at unexpected times. Sometimes those ideas are our common-sense intuitions, sometimes they are inspirational. Not from us.

Who is looking out for you?

We are surrounded with beings of other dimensions.

Do not worry about names for your guide(s). Names are unimportant. It is only a useful tool with which to identify someone. Your guide is whomever you like to call him/her/it – any name will do.

In those with a clear connection to communication with invisible beings, Guides and Helpers will identify themselves, names are given.

But many other people feel they ARE guided but a name of their helper eludes them. That doesn’t matter. Any name that  captures the feeling of being guided will become personally meaningful.

So we name our car-parking guide, our best outfit-guide/shopping guide, our correct-direction guide, our what’s-wrong-here guide with names we can easily remember.

And that is good.





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