Are our Guides Satanic, Angelic or something else?

When  my Spiritual Journey started, it started with a “voice” – no – what could be called a “loud THOUGHT” in my head which didn’t feel like mine. I got interested in healing, and set up my colour-room that people visited more and more, and it became known. In the beginning, I shared my colour/light room with my neighbour, who was my really good friend. That was an error. Her daughter had become a “born again” Christian and considered “healing” the devil’’s work.

One Christmas the neighbour, now completely estranged from us. flooded our lounge out of spite. She trained her hosepipe in through our open French doors. Our Christmas tree and gifts, furniture and floors were drenched. She “cleansed” my husband by aiming the hose full blast in his face chanting “Satan, Satan, Satan” over the fence to which he simply raised his hands in peace. Her grandchild threw stones at us and shouted “evil, evil, evil” for many hours.

This experience taught us the blessing of understanding the shock, revulsion and fear of humans under persecution. It was really terrifying.

Persecution is a brutal action, whoever performs it. But the turning of my friend on me, undermined my confidence and I began to wonder if my guidence, my inner teacher, my invisible Guru was Satanic. Or possibly non benevolent, as I have never believed in Satan.

As I pushed my boat out into spiritual waters, many passengers either jumped in with me or tried to steer my little craft onto rocks. They assured me that my voice was my higher self, Satan, Divine, an ascended master, a living master, a dead person, a spirit, my own intuition, ET’s and goodness knows what else.

I spent four years trying to identify my voice. At first I thought it was insanity. Then I thought an angel, or the Holy Spirit. It worked with me with such loving concern. I always felt blessed – delighted – inspired – uplifted.

But a less violent born again Christian friend also told me that my voice was not “of God” and implied it was satanic. So I then read all the Christian literature I could find on the satanic influence in “new age” cults, gurus and masters.

To anyone encountering their own Guide, who fears what is happening or who is told Satanic gobbledeegook by their Christian friends, I understand the fear. I myself had doubts as to whether Sheel was a dead person, an evil entity, or even an extraterrestrial implanting stuff in my head.

With all these things – your Guides must FEEL pure, loving, benevolent, caring, full of light. Your communication must delight and uplift you. We live in a many dimensional universe, and like any place on earth, you would not mix with just anyone indiscriminately.  There are jokers, ignoramuses, controllers, and nasty “folk” out there. If they tap into you, you need to be very clear that YOU will not tally with them. Say “Move on – you are not welcome here.”

There is no Supernatural. Everything labelled “supernatural” is perfectly natural. It’s just the way things work in our multidimensional Universe.

There is only Source in all it’s various vibrational levels. Harmonics draw to you that which you attract.

Those who believe in Satan, are welcome to him. He doesn’t figure in MY understanding,


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