The ugly side of Fundamentalist Christianity

At the time of my loss of confidence in the veracity of my inner teacher (see last post), my son got involved with a born-again Christian. She was a pleasant girl but was adamant that what I was doing was Satanic. I suggested she come and have a look at my little light room so that I could show her that I was simply using frequencies of light – natural stuff – and that I didn’t think Satan had anything to do with it really. We stood in the inner room in a beautiful pink that I had mixed with orange and indigo, and I could feel her fear. Suddenly the light in the outer room was switched on and off, on and off, very rapidly and aggressively. It continued while we talked and I became increasingly annoyed. I called out for the person doing it to stop at once, and went in to see who it was. There was no one there. After the girl had gone, I accosted my son who was in the kitchen of the main house and he looked at me in surprise.

“I haven’t been anywhere else but here.” he defended himself, as did the rest of the family. I felt extremely disquieted. Something ugly had happened – some physical manifestation of anger, frustration or rage. Was there an evil entity living in my colour room I asked myself? Perhaps Satan was proving to the girl that he lives in light frequencies, or she was producing the activity herself. I never dabbled in spiritual séances or had ever had such an experience before – had I produced this phenomenon?

That night I had a horrible dream which would be good fodder for both psychiatrists and born again Christians. My husband and I were being chased by fundamentalist Christians in a mad persecution witch-hunt. They were looking for the numbers 666 which they said we had tattooed on our bodies and they were out to kill us if we had such a mark. I was confident that I did not – but ran anyway in panic at such blood-lust. Suddenly I tripped on a log and fell and they were upon me, tearing off my clothes. Suddenly I was appalled to hear my husband say, “Stop it! I will show you where her mark is.” and with that he rolled back my trousers to expose 666 tattooed on my bottom. I was so offended by his treachery that I woke instantly. The dream so distressed me that I could hardly speak to him and it was some days before I could ask Sheel whether she had some better interpretation than mine which was that I might indeed be working for Satan albeit unknowingly.

The sects of Christianity that preached Satan constantly really frightened me. I believed that God was omnipotent and omniscient which relegated Satan to a very small un-powerful position in my life. And if the teaching of Sheel’s was correct then Satan was only Divine energy in extreme discomfort – but my lessons were so new that I comforted myself with my old belief that God was in control and Satan was a big stick waved about by some sects as a mind control mechanism, to pull in customers.

Here is Sheel’s interpretation of my dream.
“You’re worried about criticism. You’re aware that all esoteric things are in fact things that give Christians terror. Anything that means the end of their era, which is in fact what is happening as Secularism spreads, is Satan as they call it and bears the mark 666 – the mark of Satan. In that aspect your dream is correct. To them, you are helping to hasten the fall of Christianity in what you do, so for them, you do bear the mark, whether you like it or not. It was on your bottom because it’s not an important thing to worry about and it was relegated to the right place.

This knowledge is a private fear that is niggling at you which your dream has now exposed. Your husband doesn’t care about any such allegations so he was prepared to show anyone who was willing to look, but you were humiliated. Perhaps you fear that criticism will destroy your faith in what you are doing. But it will not. (see comment below) Light frequencies of all kinds are the future of healing.

The dream was a good thing. It exposed your Achilles bum!”

But from this moment, my delight, joy and excitement in my clairaudient lessons on Light and using it for healing, lost a little of their glow. I began to wonder about Satan, failing Christianity, Channelling, Healing in the New Age, Gurus, Sai Baba, extra terrestrials,  – and Sheel.

Comment – this was in 1992 or 1993 – and in fact, we now use Light for almost everything we do, including in Mainstream Medicine and computers of all kinds. This is The Age of Light!

Medical imaging, surgical procedures, and even diagnoses rely upon the use of light. Lasers are used for routine diagnostics and surgical procedures. Natural science including biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and earth sciences use light technology.Optics and photonics rely on Light in studying and healing the eye. All mobile phones, television are light technologies. And LED’s have opened up using the frequencies of light for healing that my critics called “Satanic”.

So my faith in Light has not been destroyed – only confirmed.


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