A New Year

I wrote in my notes –

“Nothing changes at a set time. The buildup of an end is cumulative. The beginning of something is the same. Nightfall begins for a while before the sun actually sets and continues after it has. The energies of the end of the day prepare themselves. The rhythm of all bodies on earth adjust. Animals return home, or if nocturnal, rouse themselves. The end of something needs preparation. The beginning of the day is likewise. Long before the sun rises, energies of the new day start flowing. The sap in trees pull stronger. Animals prepare themselves for sunrise. All manifested beings feel it even if it is only unconsciously.

So it is with the beginning and ending of a year. The end of the year starts long before the 31st December! And the New Year is not at midnight of the night. The changeover takes a month or so on either side of the date and time that humans set for it.”

Mass consciousness considers a new date that is approaching. They make plans for celebration, buy new diaries and prepare in other ways. When the New Year arrives, all thought confirms the arrival. Every time a pupil writes the new date in his school book he affirms the newness of it. When millions write the new date on cheques, invoices, appointment lists or plan any event the mass mind considers the youth of the year – and so it is – young and new and unsullied by any reputation of itself. The old year becomes ‘lost’. It will be put to rest along with all the other years of the past. Its energies will fade away.

The New Year will be the only one on the human mind because it is the now.”



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