Notes on animals, humans, Zen, advice, fear and killing

Points from my notes

About Animals

Animals live in a state of Zen. They think no past, present or future. Their life is NOW. An animal’s Zen state can be unfortunate for he feels intensely happy or intensely sad or in pain without the ability to relieve his feelings through conscious thought of the I in him.

About Humans

Humans are aware of their own consciousness. They feel separated and yearn to feel one. This is the apple of original sin. Man feels puny, inadequate, and he strives to better himself, to aquire, to blame. If he lives in a state of Zen, he feels he has come home – he achieves spiritual tranquility – the oneness again.

About Advice

No one can advise anyone on what to do with their life. This is up to the person themselves. They guide themselves according to what they have to do as a result of their own past and present actions. Humans have worked towards a destiny for many lifetimes. They make their own destiny.

About fear.

Fear is always draining and debilitating. If you realize that the real you is indestructible no matter what happens to you, you will have no fear. The lack of fear energizes and invigorates.

About killing.

Killing animals to eat slows your vibration.  But all living things eat other living things – it is the condition of the gross dimensions. The aim of all lives is to vibrate at finer levels, to return to Source.

Killing people stops spiritual progress and the killer has to endure the effects of their own cause. When you realize there is no death, you don’t have to kill – not even for self preservation. You are all indestructible spiritual creatures.

Love your life.


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