In the Cupboard

Sheel first “spoke” to me in our very large walk-in cupboard. I didn’t hear a voice – I heard a loud thought – loud enough to take note of.

Here are some notes when my adventure first started…and I went into the cupboard again…

“While I am in the cupboard, a feeling of great love and safety encloses me. But on leaving, I am full of fear that I am going mad. I know the Aum is a Hindu word and meaning God so I start some research. (Sheel introduced herself as Aum”) If God is speaking to me then I must surely have flipped my lid. There is NOTHING in the cupboard except my clothes, the fish moths and the chemical loo stored for our caravan.

Tonight a terrifying thought has accosted me. I am making the voice. I am becoming a schizophrenic. I am going to end up in a home and become a lunatic and humiliate my family and ruin my husband’s life. I am bearing this all by myself. I wonder if I should talk to someone? I shall not go into the cupboard again.”

Well, – I did – of course!

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