In the Astral

As my spiritual adventure started, I wrote down everything so that I would remember EXACTLY, and not make stuff up – or embellish.

Here are some notes on my first Astral journey…

” (Dated) Middle of the night of Saturday

OH, I HAVE HAD SUCH AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I found myself outside my own house with a small woman of about 36 years old. She has short brown hair in a sort of 1960’s style. She has a plainish face but her EYES are so beautiful! She is wearing a blue medical uniform like a hospital technician or something similar. She is going to take me somewhere and show me something that I should know.

Suddenly I find myself in a vast and exquisite library with a huge, elegant stairway up to the second floor. The walls are lined with thousands of books and there are librarians helping the people. I see someone I know. My Mother! She looks radiant and a librarian is helping her settle at one of the desks where she is doing research – I don’t know how I know this. The little woman, who has brought me to this amazing library, tells me it is part of The Halls of Learning and we are in another dimension that we call heaven or the astral dimension. This is extraordinary information to me because I have a body just like mine and I am so clear and lucid that I KNOW I am not dreaming this.

A librarian seems prepared for my visit, because I am handed some very thin sheets of paper that look like the gestetner masters that we used to make to roneo off notes at school. They are pale blue, translucent. I look at them very carefully. It is information about me! It is about me in another life. I am of a royal family in the Languedoc in the South of France. I live in a palace and I am a funny religion. I use colour and light to heal people. We call ourselves Croyants.

There are several sheets of this translucent paper and I am aware that in my surprise I have smudged the top sheet in the top right hand corner. I remember two dates, 1112 and 1215. I ask what these are and the blue woman tells me they are my records – Akashic records. I am to be a comforter and healer. I wonder if it is to be in this place?

Suddenly I am aware of my husband turning over in bed and I am back in my own room with such clarity in my mind and uplifted feeling that I have never experienced before. I wonder if the small woman in blue was my voice – Sheel?


2 thoughts on “In the Astral

    1. That too is most valid – but in the beginning, I was “introduced” to various astral dimensions – this was my first “trip”. I visited many more – but not MY lives. I was entirely naive on all such things – đŸ˜€ Thanks for commenting!

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