Becoming angels

I wrote what Sheel was telling me….

The earth is a consciousness manifest. Since the industrial revolution, mankind has been distorting the electromagnetic spectrum, which creates both the earth and him. He is thinning the aura of the earth and his own with the invisible bands of artificially produced electromagnetic light that affects all the subtle bodies. The earth no longer has a naturally balanced subtle body and neither does mankind. The immune system of both is upset.

There will be a significant rise in all the immune system diseases and pockets of unnatural flowing magnetic energy we use will cause distortions in the human body. Sensitive people who are aware of the spiritual bodies will feel these distortions first.

Alien beings have been looking after earth for eons of time. The earth has had other days and nights. Each time, its extraterrestrial guardians have taught the same knowledge to the inhabitants that is being learned now. Each time it has been misused.

At the end of each “day” of the earth’s existence, it eliminates that part of its energy that has been required for its physical existence by expanding into the astral dimension. To put it more clearly, it no longer needs the consciousnesses that by their own free will wish to live only in the subtle dimensions. By mutual agreement of all the consciousnesses manifesting the lower dimensions many choose to manifest their physical bodies into the subtle dimensions, never to return to “earth”.

This is similar to the physical process of releasing a layer of old skin upon which it becomes renewed from below.

Not only does mankind have its own knowledge of how to manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum for good or evil purposes but also they are receiving much knowledge that the advanced alien beings have been psychically teaching millions of people.

Information about this transformation process is spreading all over the earth in the minds of men. New ways of healing are being tried. Some do not appear so successful if judged only by their effects on the physical body. But in reality, they are, for they work on the subtle bodies which are the bodies of the future. Although many are sceptical and critical, they will change with time.

Many people will open up to other dimensions and be frightened by voices, visions “spiritual” experiences. General understanding about how things really work is essential for progress in dealing with the future.

As the whole of the physical dense mass lightens, remedies of healing that work on the subtle bodies of man will become more and more effective. The old medicine will fall away. Surgery will be done with light and sound, limbs will be materialised, all will be treated with frequencies of light, people will practice repetitive medicine, affirmations and cause self change through mental capacity and alter their thoughts and habits. Those who find no attraction to the violence of the Earth dimension triggered by opposites will incarnate into more peaceful ones where violence is virtually unknown and the beings that perpetrate it simply fall back into the lower dimensions.

Enlightened people are points of radiation of knowledge and succour to people confused by the changes going on around them. Love and service make men become like angels!


4 thoughts on “Becoming angels

    1. Not sure if you mean the self-darkness that follows death? I have been reading your blog and you sure are having a horrible time! The difference between you and me is that I know there is no death. The body dies but the person goes on. The problem is that we who are left behind are SO lonely. Some people get on with living and others get emotionally crippled. Then they are not living properly. In all the deaths that you have experienced there is not one that is YOUR fault. Those who died did so because it was the correct time for them. They would be distressed at your suffering. In my philosophy we need to allow people to die and forgive them because they hurt us. But they didn’t hurt themselves. I know a very good prayer that really works. It goes like this.

      Dennis, please forgive me,
      I forgive you.
      Let’s forgive each other,
      Let’s forgive ourselves,
      Thank you,

      This prayer is best repeated in the head or out loud when required. It’s like taking a headache pill for the soul.

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      1. Thank. U I that and have been working on trying to encourage positive energy to starve off the darkness. And I’m not sure but it feels real to me. As real as my son’s spirit does when he’s near me or his portrait doll. What’s strange my monkeys hate the doll and scream in terror when near it and go to the end of my bed and clack at it animals see spirits perhaps my son sits there protecting Me keeping my thread attached to the earth

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