Headache pill for the soul

I know a really good prayer that is quite amazing. It works whether you believe in something – or in nothing at all!

Its like a headache pill for the soul.

It goes like this

(Name) I forgive you,

Please forgive me,

Let’s forgive each other,

Let’s forgive ourselves,


Thank you,


It can be adapted.

To all the people in my life, I forgive you,

Please forgive me, all of you,

Let’s forgive each other, all of us,

Let’s forgive ourselves, all of us,


Thank you,


Now the reason we forgive the other FIRST, is often, the pain and hurt we are feeling is caused by us, not the other person. So to forgive the one who has “caused” us the pain, affirms that we are taking hold of it, dealing with the problem in US. Then we ask that the person forgives us for being hurt and in pain.  Often, they don’t even know what is occurring inside our hearts and minds. So we ask their forgiveness for feeling the way we do.  Let’s forgive each other, let’s forgive ourselves, makes it a transaction.

It’s an amazing prayer – not mine – more prayers here Link .

And here is Mirabai Devi saying it.


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