Healing therapy for present and future Angels

Humans are spiritual beings, experiencing being humans – Angels in costumes really! Life is difficult. It’s easy to forget our essence – to forget joy.

I wrote Bliss Therapy ……………….

My writing seems very stiff/formal to me now – one day, I might re-write. But I offer it to you anyway.

It is possible for humans to experience such ecstasy that they “miraculously” levitate, become invisible, or sing as they burn at the stake, or walk on coals without burning. In moments of deep faith, an instantaneous cure can occur.

Totally transforming spiritual experiences heal the physical manifestation of the spiritual being. In bliss, the resonance of the physical body changes to one of harmonious whole. Disease is where the harmony has changed to dissonance by ill use of the energies forming him. All living things – everything is living – are made of light. The holding force is sound and the creative force is consciousness.

The experience of wondrous joy is sometimes felt in childhood but afterward a person is driven to replicate such an experience (or an intuitive knowing that such a thing exists) his whole life through. He seeks pleasure in all ways – and is seldom satisfied for long. Furthermore, his thought patterns are set up so that a normal person has a dislike and lack of confidence in himself, which penetrates the vast nuclear spaces of which he is made. He often blocks himself from complete joy or bliss because his inner spaces are already full. His mind is churning with a personal dialogue between himself and himself. The dialogue is seldom one of love because he has been taught that this is wrong. It is a constant self-appraisal and criticism.

So the problems of a manifested spiritual being are numerous. 1. He feels alone – separated from everything except himself. 2. He talks to himself incessantly. 3. His vast inner spaces are filled with discomfort. 4. He re-affirms this by the sound of his own voice, which contains the resonances of his own self. 5. He absorbs the resonances of all the voices around him and those negative vibrations in the food he eats and the matter he reads and sees. 6. The over-load of electromagnetic energies which are beginning to unbalance the natural flow of magnetic forces around him further disturb the energies which he respires and transpires in his subtle body, and which are the result of his own thought patterns. 7. Suffering, pain and fear, focus his whole attention on the physical self.

The state of total bliss is impractical in the physical world – a man would merely sit, inactively, passively, not eating, sleeping or living.

But something akin to this joy is useful as an aid to healing the physical body. It can be induced, or the circumstances can be arranged so that it is easier to attain than normal.

The problems surrounding most persons as listed in 1-7 can be lessened so that the state of grace, the peace that passeth all understanding, deep inner joy and healing harmony is more likely.

1. Separation All persons are surrounded by invisible consciousnesses ready to help them if they ask. Most persons whatever their religious concepts may be – need to ask their highest “something greater than me” for help in a new inner dialogue. They need fusion with their Divine Being/Source.

2. Self talk Self-discussion ceases with the acceptance of a new inner partner and a person can release himself from constant own recrimination and others judgement. He can meet with his Divine partner in meditation daily and in continuing discussion throughout the day.

3. Uncomfortable inner spaces Nuclear spaces have co-operative consciousness. This is true of all the nuclear space in matter. It conforms to the instruction of thought. It will co-operate according to the command whether of positive or negative variety. It merely obeys. A person in co empowerment with a Divine being of highest truth, alters the quality of his thought. If he feels awe, so will his spaces. If he feels safe – so do his spaces. Delight, joy, laughter and all uplifting emotions penetrate his core. He enters a healing condition.

4. A change of voice In the sound of every voice is the sum – total resonance of that person. In it flow all the overtones of his experience, which holds him together. As the voice flows from the mouth, it confirms all the inner fears, weaknesses, hurts and aggressions – his totality of thoughts, which entwine him. Infuse the voice with a healing pulse by making a life’s inventory of all the hurts, suffering, injustices and anguish and release from them. As this process unfolds the voice changes. It confirms to the nuclear spaces that everything is all right. The webs that entangle are cut away, and forgiveness softens the voice with healing overtones of self and others love.

5. Absorbing the joy There is an inter-linking between the inner spaces and all other nuclear spaces. The frequencies both negative and positive are infused backwards and forwards in an osmotic process. Negative energies are always more noticeable because the finer, lighter frequencies are overshadowed by them and appear to withdraw. In pursuing bliss – a person keeps clear of other persons with negative energies, all food and drink so filled, blesses his food and all his possessions, home and life. The wearing of clothing that pleases the body and mind, music that quietly thrills, beauty and inspiring reading matter, simple pleasures, and the release of the self from complications both material and emotional are essential.

6. Clearing the light body The subtle bodies are the source of all physical matter. A person’s life, relationships, home, health and state of mind is his whole physical self. If there is amiss with any aspect of a life, there is amiss in the light body. All the energies respired and transpired in this body need to be actively used daily otherwise they cease flowing correctly and dis-harmony is set up.

Furthermore, other energies of the electromagnetic spectrum, which are being artificially manufactured and which surround everyone invisibly, need to be dispersed by a person’s own radiance.

7. Small foibles A person’s present personality is the sum total of all past incarnations. Every personality has it’s own basic characteristic which is the mechanism through which he views everything around him and his life. Through it, he sifts and sorts according to many other experiences, which are still clearly stored in his higher essence. A present personality grows and changes according to the reaction it has to its present incarnation. It can be considered a necessary aspect of the present journey to be viewed with delight and interest as a current small foible, a passing phase. In this context all pain, suffering and fear are experiences that pass through the present personality, either distorting or developing it. The reaction is registered on the higher essence and becomes the blue print for placing itself in a future incarnation.

Every life is a passing foible.

Practices that induce inner tranquillity and peace.
Have a quiet time daily without fail – find no excuses.
Wear silk/silky fabric or natural cloth that pleases.
Anoint the body with fragrant oils.
Bathe in salt water or shower.
Bless your food by delighting in the flavour of it – say grace or hold your hands over in gratitude
Re-register the sensual with intent. Sight – see with delight Sound – hear with delight Smell – smell with delight Taste – taste with delight Touch – touch with delight.

Observe your personal foible (life) with detachment.

Allow Source.

See my post A well balanced Light Diet


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