Healing principles for healers to know

Sheel talked about “the principles of healing.” Again, these are written here exactly as they came to me then. They were designed for MY understanding at that time.

“All illness is manifest first in the light vehicle, which projects it into the physical vehicle.This includes accidents, pregnancy, infections, virus and other invasions of the physical body. A disease appears as a weakness, a tear, a hole, a place devoid of or lacking in light.

Weak places build up over time by repetitive thought, fear, experiences and negative emotions. Every negative energy is only a place where light energy is excluded. Light energy are the different frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. Where light energy is excluded it is darker. Electromagnetic energy is the only fluid in which we exist. We charge on that constantly. If our thought and action is positive it surrounds us with a strong, bright aura of subtle light. Where our actions are negative for example, fearful, we gradually become surrounded with pockets of grey where light energy is excluded. One could think of the aura as our immune system. If it is not whole and strong, there can be a break down in our physical immune system and we are opening up for invasion by what we call illness.

When the superconscious/essence of a person decides to de-manifest itself, it simply closes down the light body and the physical is then open to destruction by other energies of the physical dimension.

One could say the soul/essence or superconscious is the producer of a movie/hologram, which is played out as a life drama on a stage screen. The projector is the superconscious running. The stream of light through the darkness of the theatre is the light body and the reflection on the screen is the physical body itself. If the light body has a moth flying through it, or one of the audience put their hand up, it would immediately reflect onto the screen as a shadow.

Illness is a shadow. Some illnesses are invasions and some are imbalances. All occur first in the light body.

Invasive illnesses enter through holes, gaps, scars, tears or weak places.

Imbalances are a build-up of too much of a certain frequency of the light. That colour over-shadows the other frequencies and causes imperfection in the light body. Too much red over shadows all the other frequencies rather like too much paprika in a creamy chicken dish.

Too much of the light of spiritual colours can bleed the earth colours of their intensity. The physical body becomes weak. Illness occurs through lack of use. People, too spiritual can forget about enjoying the senses.

Imbalances also occur when the energies are not used. They do not circulate and cause disease in that area. Often the aura is full of great lightless areas because the energies are held in place by fear.

Invasive conditions (the light is being stopped by another being having entered the light source) are-accidents, viral infections, pregnancy, addictions, medication, bacterial infections, and surgical procedures.

Imbalance diseases (the light is being polluted, diluted, withheld by fear etc.) Are- cancer, AIDS, arthritis, nervous breakdowns, yuppie flu (ME), Parkinson’s disease, strokes, heart attacks.

Broadly divided you could say:
1. The body affected by an outside force. 2. The body affected by an internal force.

Sometimes the two are linked. Addiction is when a person uses an outside force to try to balance an internal imbalance. When a person is in shock or frightened, the fear clouds out his light source (too many hands waving in the cinema!) and the cause of his illness, life circumstances should be removed or changed in order to give him brilliance. The brilliance of his light is his life energy.

In healing, symptoms of the illness, the discomfort and the pain should be relieved first in the quickest way possible. This might further invade the light body and will need correction later. However it is imperative that fear, which is a product of physical pain, be removed urgently because it is the greatest pollutant of the light (causing its absence of) and in the absence of light, no healing can take place.

If surgical procedures, drugs or other violent procedures have to be used they should be.

A healing principle rule should be –-

Treat the physical body with physical assistance on the physical plane. That is at the screen of the theatre. This does not interfere with the emanation of light from the projector – it only straightens out the backdrop of the material physical body. (A hologram really) – in other words, you adjust the area where the hologram occurs. This is really an act of violence on the body. All adjustments put into the physical body are acts of violence so to speak. There are some more violent than others. Here is a list. …but this is only an effort to clarify what I am trying to say….

Violent actions 1. Surgical procedures, 2. Drugs.

Less “violent” actions 4. Herbs, 5. Oils, 6. Massage, 7. Acupressure, 8. Acupuncture, 9. Hypnotherapy, 10.Homeopathy.

The least “violent” 11. Flower essences, 12. Radionic substances, 13. Alteration of the light structure through hands on healing, 14. Magnets, 15. Alteration of the light field through auric healing, 16. Chakra manipulation, 17. Crystals. Self-manipulation 18. Through visualisation, 19. Mantras, 20. Affirmation, 21.Meditation.

Healing is greatest facilitated in a fearless comfortable positive state that is why self manipulated healing can work very quickly after the initial healing conditions have been manipulated into a harmonious balance.

On the physical dimension, a person can be entered, adjusted or altered by a healing team. The team and all the basic diseases are also holograms! They are being projected by their own super consciousnesses/essences according to the law of cause and effect. This web links all beings together so that interaction can take place. The threads of cause and effect link all those involved in making the hologram healthy. One could say that Earth is a hologramatic stage on which all other holograms play and move. Each one has “duties” according to what they took on in a lifetime.

A healing team works on levels one (the screen), two (the light beam), and three (the projector). Although there is currently tension between each level as to who is more important or “better” – they are all essential in the large plan of things.

One group of healers are there to deal with pain and try to relieve it in the quickest and most efficient method.

Another group of healers are there to see that new energies are charged into the patient to create a strong base.

And another group launch him into his own healing, which achieves ongoing health through spiritual growth and the raising of consciousness.

No group is better than another.

The hologram of the physical body has different densities. The most physical part, which is observable to the physical eye, are the closely packed light particles making up molecules, DNA, flesh, bones etc. The less dense light particle layer has been labelled the astral body, which is surrounded by the auric body, which is a record of thought, attitudes and emotions of the astral and physical body. The finest body is the superconscious /essence which is in turn a “hologram” from the soul. As a manifested incarnated person becomes more spiritually aware, he functions less in the physical dense body and more in the subtle bodies. His physical body comes under the control of his other bodies and it is possible to influence the whole structure of it molecularly. It can become less dense and finer on the physical level. Highly aware beings are very sensitive to chemicals and pollutants because they interfere with the light structure of the physical body and manipulation of its density becomes a problem. Allergies to conventional medication are becoming common because of this. However, should urgent measures need to be used on the physical body to bring it into a state of comfort like drugs, surgery, radiation etc, they should be used, for it is a simple matter afterwards to bring the physical body through a cleansing by diet, liquids and other therapies including meditation and light.

All treatments of the physical body are physical remedies . All treatments of the spiritual bodies are light and energy remedies.

In the case of illnesses caused by cause and effect, there is very little to do except the relief of discomfort, fear and artificially balance the patient until his superconscious/essence is allowed to release him from his hologrammic “distortion”. This is also the case where the soul has decided to withdraw its manifestation of the physical body by instructing the superconscious to turn off or dim the light, which will result in death.


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