About detachment – keeping your head

Detachment is the state of non-emotion. From this aspect it is a placid state, comfortable, serene, from where you can look at life that is going on around you and your own life . From detachment there arise feelings of non -involvement, of tranquillity From this place, you can help others along the road.

It is everyone’s task to pick others up when they fall and help them struggle along the journey.

To do this, you need to reach the plane of detachment. There is a magnificent view from this place. You can see all around you. You can watch the others coming along. Just stay in the plane of detachment as soon as you find yourself in “helping” mode. Nobody is ever at the end of the spiritual journey. There is always a long way to go – for everyone.

The problems with detachment are that you will see a bigger picture that others aren’t seeing.  You might wonder how much effort you should put into your own life and how you cope with physical discomfort and how to overcome it. You might have feelings of being suffocated by material things. Or feel emotional coldness.

Try not to think of how foolish mankind is, but rather, how brave they are struggling with life as they do. And how brave you are too.

Those you help are also being guided in the right way by their own reading, searching and enquiring, especially if they remember that they are a spiritual entity no matter what the illusion of life tells them and are attending to their spiritual part.

They are just needing a friend who can keep their head!


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