The hard physical reality

About the physical reality of things, our world is of grossest, heaviest vibrations. They are slow, stodgy and squander a lot of energy. If you need a chair, you go to the tree. It has to be cut, sawed, planed and fashioned into a chair with a hard physical labour. It has to be put in your home, maintained, used, and moved about also with physical effort. Everything on our plane, involves physical effort. It is the physical plane.

Our physical forms grow from the sex act that involves much puffing, blowing and sweating. Two cells merge and then take years to mature into adulthood. Looking after children is costly, time consuming, and involves physical effort all round. Then the spiritual entity is trapped in its gross body into life, physical pain, sickness and death. All this repetitious discomfort after many lives drives the spiritual creature to realise its spiritual reality and crave release. In that way man returns to Source. Uniting with its source is the aim of the whole journey and the spiritual entity only does this of its own free will.

We are trapped in the matter plane. Everything looks real. Yet it is only vibration. All the planes of consciousness are also only vibration. It is real to those in it. When you are in them, they are real. You don’t believe they are real because you can’t see them. Reality is where your consciousness is.

Your physical body picks up information through the senses and you think that that is all there is. This is not true. Creation consists of places, planes, and areas unimaginable to our limited knowledge.

The moment you become aware of the spiritual aspect of yourself, you are on the way from discomfort to comfort – of returning “home”. You worry because reaching this state would mean relinquishing life and vitality. It would mean losing all personality and a separate feeling of “me”. Yes, that is what happens. You then become whole. But that shouldn’t worry us because it will take much time to get there and there is still so much to do.

On a soul’s journey “home” he tries all religions, he searches, and his soul leads him into all sorts of incarnations where he can learn more. At last he realises, that no religion can ease his discomfort either because external rules and regulations are useless too. He must face himself without any man-made support system. He is alone. All his spiritual growth can only happen by his very own effort. He must practise detachment from the physical, material, emotional and religious aspects of the material plane his consciousness is in. When he gets to this place, he is likely not to have to incarnate again into the material plane. But then his incarnations begin in other planes. He is free from his attachment to the physical so he can go on. But he still has to learn many other lessons. These are about feelings, thoughts, motives and other abstract things.

Don’t wonder about the future. Don’t regret anything in the past. Enjoy the now of your consciousness.

The angels are with you.


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