Trying to get out of my body – astral travel

This is a snippet from my diary…

By now, my obsession to astral travel consumed me. I spent hours in my own light- room trying to get out of my body. Sheel had taken me to the Halls of Learning. I had read Autobiography of a Yogi and discovered Lobsang Rampa and Monroe’s book “Journeys Out of the Body” I felt that if I could learn to come and go at will, my fear of death would lessen – I myself would have it well under control. I was confident that if other people could do it, I could too.

Monday 6th December  – I had a remarkable experience. Everyone had gone out except me and I was tired and a bit emotionally down so I went to the therapy room and lay down on the bed in Cerise light. Sheel suddenly said “We’ll take you on a little trip” and I felt myself rising up very slowly. I felt unbelievably light. Sheel said “You’re doing well” and I realised that she was helping me astral travel. Outside, the handyman kept on sawing wood, the chickens kept on clucking which was distracting. Sheel said, “Ignore the noise”. I felt as if I was being held up. Sheel said, “Relax, you’re trying too hard.” I dropped a few inches. I was completely paralysed, but not fearful – only in awe and mentally alert. I started rising again and heard Sheel say with a laugh “This is like birthing a baby. You’re bulging – you’re nearly out.” Someone else said, “Her daughter is coming.” and I dropped down onto the bed. One of the kids called me. I had to attend to them.

Thus encouraged, I raced into the little room at every opportunity. Once I suddenly saw a pair of old shoes under a bed with some kind of sight that occurred behind my eyes, and another time, a bolster of upholstery cloth that had been draped over a chair. Such things were meaningless and confusing because I was not out of my body but very definitely in it.

Sheel told me “You are struggling to astral travel. The difficulty you experience trying to do that is what we, in the Astral, experience trying to materialize on your plane or move material things. Very few of us are able to do it. But some can – and some do it accidentally. Others spend a long time learning and are unsuccessful even under expert guidance.

It is actually easier for you to astral travel than for us to come to you. For us it is very unpleasant. If you could astral travel as you call it, we could meet.”



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