Paul Twitchell – What is his Soul Travel?

In the evening of the first day of the new year, I was given a gift from Sheel.

I was lying on my bed in my bedroom trying with all my might to get out of my physical body and astral travel once more. I was not satisfied to do it per kind favour of my guru or as an accidental thing. I was determined to learn how to do it myself.

Sheel was with me doing the birthing a baby assistance routine with which I had had no success. It was hilarious with cracks like ‘hang in there’ and other jokes. And I was developing my usual headache.

Suddenly I was aware of a completely different voice – it felt male to me and someone said, “Jolly good. You’re far too tense. Relax your body. Relax your neck.”

I could feel myself dropping down. I asked Sheel who it was that was speaking.

She said “It’s Paul. Paul Twitchell”

With that I simply fell back into myself with surprise. I take this with a pinch of salt – believing now that if I were being psychically manipulated, any name that I would recognize, would make the experience meaningful for me at that time. I heard – but did not see. Besides the night of my visit to the Great Library when I was escorted by the small woman in a blue uniform, I never “saw” Sheel (if it was her) again, except once when she had long hair. I asked why she had long hair that day and she replied “I just feel like having long hair today”. It occurred to me that I could be being taught by extra terrestrials telepathically rather than by an angelic or astral person called Sheel.

I asked if it was THE Paul Twitchell (from Ekankar) and she laughed and said “Who else? You are wanting to do this thing so badly, and have asked so earnestly for me to help you, which I cannot, that I thought I would get you the master.”

I had heard of Paul Twitchell, an American who had started something called Eckankar – another kind of religion the details of which I was hazy. But after this incident I did some research into who he was and found that he’d taught Eckankar which had been taught to him by his Guru who also worked with him psychically. While he was alive, he talked constantly about soul travel, which “Eck” followers are supposed to be able to do. I have never found out what soul travel is or whether it is astral travelling which, in the end, was not what Paul taught me anyway.

Here is my first lesson with Paul.

“Are you ready?

Soul Travel, or what Sheel calls Light Travel, can be done anywhere, any time. You are going to learn such concentration that you will be able to go out in all kinds of distractions. It is useful to be able to Soul Travel during dentistry, unpleasant experiences or during illness and at the moment of death.

Relax the body.

I always say, “Go out through the eyes”. Draw up to the eyes. You get a special feeling of lifting when you do that. Hold the lift. Relax the eyes. Don’t tense your eyes. Relax the muscles behind the eyes. Hold the lift until you are relaxed. Lift again. Hold. Relax. Lift. Hold. Relax. You feel yourself rising.

Now go to sleep but remain conscious. It is that moment when you drop off that you will ‘pop out’. Remain conscious. Stay with your body. You will know when you are out by a special sound, swish, pop, snap in your head.

Stay with your body otherwise you will be propelled to some place else. You will be able to rock at will, float around or up or down. You might not be able to see anything at first – it will be dark. Just practice that. Sight also comes with practice.

There is nothing spiritual to Soul Travel. The spiritual aspect to it is what you do with it when you’v’e got it.

Mess about with it. It’s Okay to mess about with. It’s not dangerous.”

I was wearing a black Chinese dressing gown. I had announced to the family that I was going to try one more time to astral travel and locked myself in my room. It took quite some time to relax, lift and hold, but the relaxing part seemed to lessen the normal headache I got with the effort. I had no luck. So I lay back, exhausted by the struggle and dozed off. Suddenly there was a loud pop in my head like an elastic band being snapped and instantly I was aware of seeing a woman lying on a bed with her hands behind her head. She had light hair, was quite small in stature and she had on a long black gown. With a shock I realized that I was looking at myself. I shot back inside myself instantly. I lay stunned by the exhilaration that flooded through me. I had done it at last!

Racing into the lounge I announced to the family what had happened and how excited I was. Everyone glared at me and told me to stop interrupting their television program.


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