Getting out of my body at last – psychic viewing

Now began more experiments with astral travel. I tried to visit friends and was instantly rapped on the knuckles by Sheel as to what I was trying to prove – and was I welcome?

I tried to wander about my own house. But getting out seemed random – definitely not a skill I had under my control. And every time I found myself out, I so surprised myself that I shot back in with a snap. It was a very laborious process. Not as easy as it seemed when others reported doing it.

I became confused as to what I was learning to do. Was Astral Travel the same as Soul Travel? Whenever I found myself “out”, it seemed so difficult to move about, and I could never seem to travel forwards, but only backwards. On trips with Sheel, she had shown me many other dimensions – a sort of dimension tour – I was always right way round, but I had never requested those trips and was not doing it by myself.

When I complained about my ineptitude, Paul taught me something else, which I have used ever since. He called it psychic viewing. I also had “to go through the eyes” but not fall to sleep – simply have no thought, just a blank mind.

He took me on a week’s visiting spree. Every session taken either in the colour room or in my bedroom in my quiet time, I saw something beginning with “R”. The last time was so terrible that I objected through revulsion and the trips ended. I saw an African scene, lots of smoke and burning huts. At my feet was the body of a black man. He had been flayed so that his back was pink with exposed flesh. I don’t know if he was still alive. I stared with horror.

Then Paul said “This is the most imposing building here” and I saw a severe barrack-like building. “What’s this?” I asked. “The electrical power station – but it does not work,” he said. “Where are we?” I asked. “Ruanda,” he answered. When I complained about the horror I felt he told me I must be prepared to see both the good and the bad things in psychic viewing.

I practised psychic viewing at every opportunity. It is a skill – like learning to play the piano. I was always pulled up by Sheel if I tried to pry or arrive someplace at awkward times.

We used to drive to  the main city to fetch ceramics, glass and other stock for our business and one journey as we approached on the ring road and having had nothing much to do for seven hours, I went ahead to see what my cousins were preparing for dinner for us and what they were wearing. Having no pre-ideas or thoughts of any kind, allows a picture to form in the mind of what you are viewing. I said that we would be having roast chicken because I got the impression that one of our cousins was stuffing a chicken, and the other was peeling potatoes. One cousin was wearing a blue dress with slippers on her feet and the other had on a purple shirt over green slacks.

Our dinner was quite correct – only there were peas too – but the purple cousin had on a green blouse with her green slacks. I was a bit disappointed. Unable to expose myself as a psychic snooper, after dinner, I admired her blouse and suggested that purple and green were also good colours to wear together.

“Funny you should say that”, said the green cousin, “I did have a purple shirt on today, but I changed into this one just before you arrived!”

I have used psychic viewing on many occasions since then –- not always successfully.


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