My February posts – all about “reading” energy centres

I was taught by Sheel about how I could heal with my hands.

But the very first thing I was taught was a way to “read” the flow of subtle energy from the energy centres and what information I could pick up to pinpoint problems in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of those I might help.

It took a time to get my hands sensitive enough to do this. Furthermore, only one of my hands works properly, so I had to use it predominately.

I used this “diagnostic” method for many years.

This February, all my posts will be about how you can learn to do it too.

If you are interested, and can find someone to be your practise person – someone who wants to try it too, please follow my February posts. They will come out in order.

And one last thing, the only thing you’d need to “learn” are the accepted aspects of the functions of the energy centres (Chakras).

Here is a page that is helpful…and correlates with how I understand things,

The Chakras System,
Our Seven Life-Force Energy Centers

At any time, you can post a question, which I will happily answer – if I can!

My introductory post comes out tomorrow.

Come along with me…..




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