Intoduction to diagnosing physical problems from “reading” the energy centres of the body

All realms are made of light put into place by consciousness and held in place by resonance. The light that is known to scientists is called the Electro Magnetic Spectrum. It is vast, being made up of energy moving at very high frequency through to energy oscillating more slowly. Cosmic Rays Gamma Rays X Rays Ultra Violet Rays Visible Spectrum Infrared Rays Radio Micro Waves X Rays, Ultra Violet, Infrared have been the first to be used in healing, followed by Gamma Rays to preserve food and nuclear radiation, which is where mankind is now. These rays are very powerful and some have deleterious effects on the physical body, which can be easily seen.

Visible light also affects the body in such a subtle way that science pooh-poohs its healing qualities not realising that matter IS light, subtle dimensions are light and without it there is no matter. Physical bodies are made up of visible light that is why they are visible. The bodies of beings in other dimensions are made of the visible part of their realm, which makes them visible there. But they are invisible in our realm.

Not only is the physical body made of visible light, but the energies flowing in and out of the body are also light energies from the visible spectrum which are so fine they are only visible to the rods of the physical eye of very sensitive people.

These energies flow into and out of the body by means of vortices that form over certain glands. Energy is drawn into the centre of the vortex and is used to sustain the atomic structure of the body. Having been used, it flows out and up the sides of the vortex exposing the shape, which is conical. This is excretion. The energy circulates around the body causing an aura. Because the aura is a collection of excretion it is essential for it to be kept clean.

The aura clings to the physical body by resonance.

Joy creates a clean colour, as does unconditional love. Fear pollutes the aura because it strangles the flow of light down the centre of the vortex, the amount of light needed to sustain the sub atomic particles is reduced and the outward flow into the Auric sheath is dim and clouded with grey.

A healthy Aura streams out of a healthy body.

Before death, the higher consciousness withdraws its source-light and the physical body dies even if it is initially healthy. It will break down and “die” because it is “time”.

The quality of the aura indicates the state of the being, which excretes it. Just as scientists can tell the habits, food and diseases of a species by studying the droppings, so can a healer who understands the above concept, diagnose the flow, of lack of, from the energy centres that are affecting physical health.

I use the term energy centres rather than the word Chakras because, as I understand it, energy centres are simply physical mechanisms and the idea of Chakras is a spiritual concept.  But the Chakras lie at the same points in the physical body. Working on the Chakras would mean the opening up of spiritual consciousness, whereas getting an energy centre to flow well, changes the physical body. The two ideas are not the same thing.

Perfect health occurs when all the frequencies of visible light are used with balance and harmony. Each frequency “feeds” the physical body like proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals do when brought into the blood stream by the digestive tract. The vortices are simply light frequency digestive systems – nothing more reverent!

Instead of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, the light “food” is broken down into what can be perceived as “colours”. But there is really no colour – simply frequency.  Each colour is used for a function because its natural tendency is mainly that quality. In a steak you would find protein, fats, carbohydrates AND other things. In a meal its main use is for protein. Each vortex has a main tendency. The base draws in mostly red frequencies, utilizes them and excretes mainly red frequencies. Likewise, each vortex draws in and pushes out what it requires within the range of the visible menu of light. Unless energy of excessive power is pulled into the vortex the energy flowing in is very seldom visible even to sensitives. Light flowing out only has a tendency to be “blue” or “red” and, according to the “diet” will vary in colour. But, even if it cannot be seen, it can be felt with the hands.

My February posts, are going to be about how we can train ourselves to “feel” these fountains of energy with our hands, and how they can be useful in diagnosing physical problems.

Stay with me!

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