The information you will pick up in your healing hands.

I am relaying to you, what I was taught and this way of “reading” energy centres, worked very well for me in all my active healing years. Listening to my hands with a silent mind, I believe, developed my intuitive skills, and got quickly to the nub of the problem for the person coming to me for help.

So forwards….

All habits, attitudes, feelings and thoughts draw into the energy centres, frequencies of electromagnetic energy. To the psychic eye these energies “look” a certain “colour”. You feed on these energies which flow into and out of the subtle body via energy centre circlets which suck in very fine energy, utilize it, and push it out again in a flow which can look/feel like a little fountain, a whirlpool, a small tornado, a spout or cascade. It is more visible/tangible on the out-flow because it is less fine having been processed by the physical body. As the energy flows out around the physical body, it is caught in a layer by a very fine net-like structure and becomes an envelope of radiance – an aura. Many people are aware of auras.

If a person is using a great deal of one kind of frequency, the Auric field is tinged with it predominantly. And the energy centre will be hard working. The centres work in conjunction with each other. Often, when a person is over working one aspect of their lives, other aspects are under utilised.

How the flows show up when you are reading them intuitively, can indicate a solution – or what it is that your person is forgetting about by not using certain energy centres in their lives.

Not only that, but fear causes a slight hesitation in the in-breath (which is actually constant), of the energy centre and a consequent “grey” patch flows out -a lightless place. These patches flow into the field around the body, and having a kind of viscosity, cling together, forming larger clouds. They circulate until they jam at a place that is also viscous – often an energy centre.

Lightless clouds so settled, block the inflow of energy and the physical organs that lie beneath are weakened and disease can result. A healer working over a person can tell where these lightless places are because the energy that is flowing out of her hands, suddenly steps up its flow to fill in where there is lack. The lightless cloud is given light from the body of another person. If it is not too thick, it can be dispersed this way. In the case of chronic conditions or serious physical breakdown, a great deal of work needs doing in conjunction with other healing disciplines including modern medicine.

Despite any physical problems our subtle bodies should be exercised every day for improving health. ( see my Light Diet)

All the frequencies that encompass the body in its auric magnetic fields are put in place by thought. That is why in doing  “reading” one’s own mind needs to be devoid of thought, for your thought also affects the useful person you will be practising on. Sometimes the thought habits in people have been built up over a whole lifetime or even many incarnations. Patterns of thinking are brought in with the newly incarnated person that will affect his form for the present incarnation. This could be called a karmic disability or gift.

At any moment of a person’s life, he could suddenly become aware of a deficiency in his thinking/ attitudes/ responses/ motives or emotions and he starts rectifying the situation. This could mean an immediate, noticeable change – healing – or a new attitude which is taken into the following life if he dies.

With practice, it is possible to read the flow of the energy centres with the palms of the hands. And instructions are coming! But it is essential to understand which organs, activities, emotions, thoughts and feelings are associated with each centre so that when you feel blockages or weak flows, you can tell your person/practise partner which activities, emotions, thoughts and feelings – or the lack thereof, you are picking up.

So you need a practise guinea pig/other person.

Before we continue, one very important thing to remember is that illness – physical illness – is not our FAULT. It can be a result of patterns of thought, or inherited in our DNA, karma, accident, infection, environmental interference,  and many other “causes”.

It might be a tool for  furthering our wisdom.

Balancing the way the energy centres work, can lift physical conditions, alter physical conditions, release fear, bring understanding, trigger a spiritual spurt, calm, uplift and nurture your person. But when you “read” the energy flow, it is not a judgement by you – it is not YOUR information, but what you feel in your “reading” is totally the private data you communicate to your helpful practise person.

If you are not personally motiveless, your ego will sully your “readings”, and make a fool of you….




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