Beginners guide to “reading” energy centres – Red – Base

Here are simple notes on a skill that anyone can learn to use by “listening” with their hands as they pass them over the body of someone else -– a diagnostic technique in its most basic form.

How do you “listen” with your hands? Hold your palm(s), facing down, and feel for warmth, a flowing warmth against your skin. I learned to listen – the same attention-feeling as if listening for a very faint sound – but feeling for a warmth instead of a sound. The warmth you are “listening for” is not the same as heat from the body, because the palms need to be held out flat about six inches away from the actual body, but over the energy centres.

It is most comfortable to practise with your co-operating person lying down.

The body is covered with small energy whorls but the main ones are located on the spine. The energy centres flow in and out back and front. They can be felt at the front, or down the spine. But it is better to start learning by slowly passing your palms over the front of your guinea-pig/assistant, and to start at the groin. You need to “read” more than one flow of energy. A single energy centre impression will mean investigating another as they work in connection with each other, in tandem.  If one centre feels  hot or large, another energy centre will possibly “tell you” why by flowing in a different way.

With you guinea pig co-operating, you are going to try reading the Red centre. There is a lot of stuff, so we’ll just do one thing at a time – though remember ALL the energy centres are connected. Also, if your guinea pig is nervous or frightened, or cross with you, their energy centres are going to reflect their current attitude.  Someone else’s energy flow responds to YOU. So a relaxed, happy state is essential for you both! Keep YOUR mind without motive – not even the motive to “help”. A blank mind leaves space for intuition.

Shall we start?

You are going to begin at the base energy centre or groin.  Request permission for your intrusion and ask the Energy Centre to come to you rather than to the Earth. The groin centre is actually between a persons legs, but you cannot be groping around there really!

Hold your palm(s) over the groin area. Circle around a bit – it helps to find the energy flow. Maybe lift them/lower them. You are “looking” for a sort of spout/fountain. The feeling you should get against the palm(s) of your hand(s) should be able to distinguish the place where the top of the fountain flows against it, and when it has raised too high to feel anything at all.  Find the top of the fountain. that is how you will measure the height of the flow.

You should be able to feel (with your palm(s) about six inches or more away from the body) the top of a fountain of warmth. Try moving your palms higher – you will lose the feeling – and bring them down till you pick up the feeling again. Find, in this way, the extent that the fountain is flowing up from the body.

You know your person is OK – if the red energy is flowing straight out in a fountain that feels not too hot, nor too strong, nor too high.

Remind yourself of what this energy centre does for your guinea pig, practise partner.

The Red energy centre (groin). This brings energy into the lower body, it causes physical energy/vigour. A person uses the red energy in protecting his home environment, in anger, hate, violence, sex, lust, appetites and all the physical senses. Red is always physical energy. It is profoundly important. We “root” with red.

A nice flowing fountain that is clear to you palm(s) is good!

But sometimes, by feeling with your palm(s) you feel a BALL shape.– A person occasionally will have a big ball of red energy circulating over the groin. They have this because they have built up anger or sex-drive, or they experience great delight in physical gratification. Or they are being threatened in some way in the home/work/school situation, or they have financial problems.

The energy needs to be dealt with. If the energy is used, it flows. A ball, circulating, is not flowing.

But the fountain you are trying to pick up might feel weak or POOR – very small. It could mean exhaustion. This person is deprived of physical pleasure or sexual gratification. He/she has no physical energy. They have been ill. They are being intimidated and have become retiring. If you find a POOR flow. feel the heart centre that will also probably have a faint fountain flow,– indicating your person is experiencing a loss of self-confidence, low self esteem or even deep hurt.

But again,

If the Red energy centre feels poor, don’t just assume the above. Find out where the energy is going. Going DOWN, is when the red energy is flowing down the legs and not out as a fountain. Your person is depressed – you will find that the Green or Yellow centres will feel depleted or weak as well.  Or there might be a huge flow of energy from the solar plexus (Yellow) indicating your person is trying VERY HARD at something that seems unsuccessful in some way.

Questions to ask yourself if there is very little energy coming from the groin.


Asking yourself questions often brings to mind reasons for what your hands are telling you.

What kind of person are you dealing with?

Are they “stiff”, prim or very moralistic?

Are they celibate?

Are they exhausted?

Are they physically ill?

Or have they got an immense life problem?


Is the red energy being diverted into the Orange energy centre? (It often is). You might then feel an excessive orange energy.

So, by this time, with some attention to learning, you will actually feel a fountain, a flow, a ball with your hands by practising on your guinea pig/ practise partner, or real pet. Yes, they have energy centres too. In an animal, it is easier to practise down the spine.

Stay with me – next post is about the Orange energy centre.

Questions welcome!


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