Beginners guide to “reading” the Orange energy centre – sacral

My last post explained that ALL the energy centres are connected. Also,  I pointed out that if your guinea pig/practise partner is nervous or frightened, or cross with you, their energy centres are going to reflect their current attitude.  Someone else’s energy flow responds to YOU. So a relaxed, happy state is essential for you both! The “reader’s” mind is blank, ready for intuition.

If, at any time in your “feeling the energy flow” adventures, your hand(s) suddenly run off – that is, you feel them tingling, heat up, vibrating or pushing out energy, just let them. In that moment, you have become a healer rather than a reader.

Now we are going to explore the Orange energy centre or sacral.  Before you start, request permission for your intrusion into the Aura of another person and keep your mind fine with no personal intention.

Hold your palm(s) over the sacral area. The feeling you should get against the palm(s) of your hand(s) should be able to distinguish the place where the top of the sacral fountain flows against it, and when you have raised it(them) too high to feel anything at all.  Find the top of the fountain. that is how you will measure the height of the flow.

You should be able to feel (with your palm(s) about six inches or more away from the body) the top of a fountain of warmth. Try moving you palms higher – you will loose the feeling – and bring them down till you pick up the feeling again. Find, in this way, the extent that the fountain is flowing up from the body.

You know your person is OK – if the orange energy is flowing straight out in a fountain that feels not too hot, nor too strong, nor too high.

Remind yourself of what this energy centre does for your guinea pig, practise partner.

The Orange Energy Centre (belly/sacral). This centre brings energy into the ovary, bowel, uterus and lower torso. We use orange energy to create, build, and activate our red energy with the desire and imagination of the mind (yellow energy). Orange is both red energy and yellow energy. Anger, hate, violence, appetites, lust, sex and physical gratifications can be put to use through the control of the mind (yellow) in this frequency. Orange is a creative energy on a higher level than red. It is a response rather than a reaction. It is all about using our “rooting” red in service to a goal, an achievement, a creation, an outcome with the guidance of our minds. It’s the centre that exercises red energies for a purpose other than just physical pleasure.

Orange Energy Centre Readings will follow the same principle as other readings. You are looking for shapes and directions of flow and these examples are the easiest to pick up at the moment. At all times, you are working in a place of intuition.

A good flow is always simply the one you can feel clearly with your palm(s) that make a fountain. But, even fountains flow in different ways. But forget about that for the moment.

A ball can also be felt clearly, because it will feel round rather than coming out as a spout…

Example BALL – If you find a ball rather than a fountain you might assume your person is not using his creative energy. It is being frustrated in some way and collected up into a uselessly circulating cycle. They need to use it so it flows.

If you find your hand(s) tell you the fountain is very weak or POOR – you might understand that your person needs to build up this energy by exercise, dancing, arts, crafts – that encourage the physical (red) and the imagination and mind too (yellow).


If the fountain feels POOR, you need to find out if it is flowing out another way. Maybe it is flowing DOWN – this might indicate depression about your person’s creative abilities. Writer’s block. A slump in creativity, a lack of imagination.

Questions to ask yourself if there is very little energy coming out of the sacral –


Is this person in a dull and uncreative cycle?

Or are they working too hard to be able to relax into the physical creative mood?

Is your person bored?

Has your person a dull job/life situation?


Is he diverting all his energy into another energy centre? (Maybe the one above?) You might feel an excessive fountain of yellow energy.

The yellow energy centre causes a lot of problems – physical and emotional.

Any kind of reading of an energy centre, cannot be assumed to mean anything at all, unless all the other centres are taken into account. And your MIND needs to be clear, clean and have no personal intention except for the “listening” in your hand(s).

Next post is about the yellow energy centre – the solar plexus. The centre of the mind.

Stay with me.

Questions are welcome!


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