Guide to “reading” the Yellow energy centre – solar plexus

So, lets go on – your hand(s) – palm(s) that is – are beginning to be practised in “listening”.

You should be able to feel (with your palm(s) about six inches -more or less – away from the body) the top of a fountain of warmth that is coming from the energy centre you are focussing on. Try moving you palms higher – you will loose the feeling – and bring them down till you pick up the feeling again. Find, in this way, the extent that the fountain is flowing up from the body.

You know your person is OK – if the yellow energy is flowing straight out in a fountain from the solar plexus and that it feels not too hot, nor too strong, nor too high.

Remind yourself of what this energy centre does for your guinea pig, practise partner, your person.

The Yellow Energy Centre (solar plexus). This centre brings energy into the digestive and excretory organs and the skin. We use our yellow energy to scheme, plan, and “will” all our desires to come true. We MAKE things happen to us with our yellow energy. The intellect is the yellow frequency. Learning, achieving, setting goals, study, acquiring material and mental ambitions, happen with this frequency. It is a powerful vibration. It is tenacity, guts, stubbornness, headstrong but also brilliance, inspiration, delight, humour, lightness of manner, charm.

It’s a very powerful energy centre. It causes loads of problems and is the frequency Modernists are working with today. Yellow is the colour of science, of logical thinking, of personal gain, materialism.

In reading the energy centres, you will find, in many people, this energy centre is one is the easiest to feel because it is the one nurtured especially by society.

Yellow Energy Centre Readings:

So, again, you are looking/feeling for patterns. A very sharp, high, hot, fountain will be very common. This is the centre of will. It can be extra forceful when people are struggling to achieve against negative odds, but feel success is at hand. And in highly successful people.

Or people who are organisers of any kind.

Or “bossy” people. 🙂

If you find not a fountain for example, but a BALL – This person is not getting their way. Something seems to “block” them, but of course it is their own energy circulating round and round uselessly! They feel they are getting nowhere and are frustrated. They could “lighten up”, laugh,  – yellow is the frequency of humour and laughter too. Laughter gets this energy  flowing out.

If there is a very POOR fountain, you might understand that your person is getting no mental stimulation or is bored.

OR This person does not know what they want and have– very little ambition

OR They have tried to achieve a goal only to be thwarted – they lost a job interview or were disappointed in love. You will know which is which because you will have to read the next centre up (or down) in this case. If the green centre is low you will know that this person tried and lost heart. Or has been hurt.

If the orange centre is diminished – the creative centre – they have lost confidence in their skills.

Where is the flow going if it is not making a fountain? Is it flowing DOWN? This person is mentally depressed and needs “lifting”. They have given up.

Questions to ask yourself if a huge amount of energy is coming out.


Is this person trying too hard?

Is your person overly “mental/intellectual”?

Is your person one that needs to control life or people?

Does your person tend to making too many demands?

Is your person getting too much stimulation?

Is he a student or teacher?

OR (too little – a POOR flow) Is this person feeling rebuffed? Unmotivated? Useless? (Check the green centre for the first and the orange for the second)

NB Professional people like nurses, councillors, teachers, students, and educationalists have strong yellow energies, so ASK PROFESSION before trying reading energy centres on an unknown person!

TIP – If you want to achieve something or manipulate a situation, consciously puff out your own yellow energy of “will” and “force” the situation with charm, wit or humour. .

The yellow energy centre is so strong in some people that it comes out like a sword, or “will” tentacle. This gets entangled with the wills of others and can be very unpleasant to try to extricate yourself from. The secret is the imagine your OWN sword/tentacle withdrawing into your solar plexus, then consciously cover that area with your hands. Your adversary will have nothing to engage with.

I hope if you are reading this, you are actually experimenting with your own abilities.

If you are – stay with me.

And you are welcome to ask questions!


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