Guide to “reading” the Green energy centre – heart

You need to have read  the “how to” Here 



By this time, if you’re doing this actually with a helper, guinea pig, practise person, you will not be a beginner any more. Your hands will be feeling fountains and flows of energy as you are becoming practised in “listening” to them.

Remember, this kind of subtle energy – but in fact ALL energy – is being affected by thought. With yourself as a healer/helper, that will be your thought, and the thought of the person you are helping by reading their energy centres.

In fact, as you “listen”, you especially need to have NO thought!

Your practise person will be having all sorts of thoughts – thoughts about you, their lives, their problems, their situation. Those thoughts affect the flow of their energy.  But the main emphasis of their energy flow, it that which they’ve put in habitually.

Those are the patterns you are looking for.

By now, you can feel fountains, BALLS and whether the energy is flowing down or up.

Come with me onwards, then.

The Green Energy Centre (the heart, lungs, chest, shoulders, arms, breasts, thymus gland, and cardiac nerve plexus).

This vortex is the yellow energies with all their attributes of mind and will, humour and intelligence AND the blue frequency which has all the spiritual aspects as follows: Blue deals with feelings of peace, of harmony, love, and co-operation. These spiritual energies are the “working together”, “relationship with others” energies.

So they combine with the yellow to make the green energy of “love”, i.e., the heart. (You thought love was red!) The “love” feelings of the green frequencies are the one’s of interpersonal relationships, friendships, self-respect, self-esteem, functioning peaceably with others. That is why this energy always fades out when people have been hurt.

The flow from the heart centre should be strong and straight out.

If the heart fountain flow is very poor, check the centre above too. If people are VERY hurt their blue energy (peace feelings) will be tiny as well.

If yellow, blue and green flows are all low – hardly discernible, or flattened out so that they flow out like a plate – which I’ll tell you about in another post, this person is really suffering. Chances are all these energies will be flowing up the right side and they will be very tearful. And I’ll tell you about direction in yet another post!

Green Energy Centre Readings: (You will be getting used to these)

Example BALL – This person’s interpersonal relationships are not going well. He/she holds things in and does not communicate freely. They feel they are not relating well. They’re all choked up. They want to love, but can’t. They are not letting these heart energies flow. They feel blocked. Unable. Compassion less.

If they are POOR/ small, it indicates hurt (see above) OR a very withdrawn and shy or timid person. This also can show “poor” as a result of abuse, esp. in children they might have massive “rage” (red) energy with poor green fountain that is flattened.

If the flow is flowing DOWN – Hurt and depressed or just depressed.

The heart energies “withdraw” in fright, shock, hurt, and nervousness. Some people will be nervous of you anyway, so be aware of this. If a person is trying very hard to achieve a goal, the green centre will be weak and the yellow strong. If a person tries hard for a long time, they might eventually “lose heart” – all their enthusiasm and love drains out – the green energy flows poorly first and then the Will (yellow) will flow poorly. The heart energy causes more problems than any other because the way a person feels about himself and others is crucial to their happiness. The Green Vortex is the fulcrum and balance of the Individual. It is also the central colour of the spectrum.

This completes the energy centres of the physical lower level.

Something important to point out right now, is that you are feeling the flow of the energy centres which indicates problems (or not) in the emotional/life situation of a person.

If there is something PHYSICALLY wrong in your person your hands will “run off” suddenly. How to explain “run off”? It’s a tingling, OUT FLOW that tells your intuitive mind that the feeling of picking up a flow from your person has switched to your hands “giving out” rather than receiving. The minute your hands “run off” – stop right there, wherever they happen to be.

Ask your person, “Is this the site of an old injury?” (Could be a childhood injury)

Ask “Did you have an operation here?”

Ask “Have you had an illness here once?”

Ask “Why are my hands “running off” here?”

And more about hands “running off” and why they do, in future posts this February.

Do stay with me – and ask questions!

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