Guide to “reading” the Blue energy centre – throat

You need to have read  the “how to” Here 



The Blue energy centre lies at the throat. It feeds the throat, esophagus, thyroid gland, neck, cervical spine, mouth, teeth, and jaw. It is the first spiritual energy centre. It’s a primary colour in Light mixing. Green and red are the two other primary colours.

It’s a cool colour, tranquil, peaceful, still.

Strangely, the blue centre is all about communication – our communication with others – and ourselves.

When you are reading the fountain from the throat, remember your co-operative practise person is also breathing. Ask them to hold their breath a while so you can feel clearly. The fountain will spout frontwards rather than up past the nose.

A good, healthy “reading” is when the fountain feels strong and flowing.

But the throat energy centre and our communication often forms different shapes in the flowing out.

Some of them, you will recognise!

Blue Energy Centre Readings: Example BALL – All communication energies are blocked inside themselves, circulating They can be encouraged to flow by using the voice, talking through life problems, singing, peaceful activities, calming music, admiration of beautiful things, awe. These activities often release this circulating energy into a fountain….we feel we’ve got things “off our chest”. We feel lighter and more optimistic.

There are two other BALLS that can be felt around the throat – one on each shoulder, or one on one or the other shoulder. These have often built up over a long time. I think of them as our “millstones” weighing us down.  These balls are a pile of unspoken ideas and thoughts, communication that we never communicated. unsaid things. They make people very tired – they are carrying a burden – literally.

Budging such burdens can take a lot of work. We say “A weight has been lifted off our shoulders” when they have been dispersed.

But instead of balls, you might feel a different flow.

If the flow is going DOWN over the chest – No tranquillity is being felt but maybe there is depression.

If the flow feels POOR – Your practice person might feel an inability to feel peace or speak about things, is shy, timid or is a reticent person.

Questions to ask yourself if the energy is very large or very poor.


If the energies are low, your person might be hurt – (see if the green heart centre is low), or be depressed/repressed/unable to speak honestly, have given up in his work or life goal. You would check the yellow centre for frustration or loss of “will”.


If the flow is very large and strong, ask your person if they are very religious, pious? (Large flow is often to the right in this case)

Then ask –

Is the Indigo energy centre (forehead) running very strongly? Spiritually aware people can have large energies coming from here, as also psychic people. The flow of large amounts of this energy can make a mark just above the centre of the eyebrows, a red place, a flush on the skin, a bruise.

Blue represents peace. But just living, with all the problems life brings, can take that feeling away from us. Fear and shock make us gasp in the very place our peace is shattered,

Blue represents meditation/quiet time/contemplation. Withdrawing from the activities of life.

The activities of life are made less threatening that way.

The blue energy centre also concerns speaking/sharing/comforting/acknowledging and communicating with ourselves.



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