Guide to “reading” the Indigo energy centre – Pineal

So, lets continue with reading the Energy Centres.

Remember, if we are serious about spiritual healing, we are doing this to quickly pick up emotional and life problems that might be having some influence on actual physical problems, But I will post about that, further, later.

The Indigo Energy Centre – dark, dark blue. The Pineal Gland. These frequencies lead energy into the Aural, Oral and lower brain, forehead, brow, the pituitary gland, the pineal gland, eyes, nose, and the carotid nerve plexus.

It is the spiritual frequency of intuition, insight and discernment.

The flow from the brow “fountain” comes out like a Unicorn Horn. And just like Unicorns, it is a somewhat magical energy centre.

I think of the Indigo Centre as a sort of Sonar device in us. We use it to weigh up impressions gained from our sense organs. And it’s the magical organ of our Sixth Sense.

You are now able to listen with your hands and pick up flows of warmth coming out of the body of your practise partner/guinea pig/person. You will understand that the information you are collecting is for the person to whom it belongs – for sharing with them.

By this time, you will be able to feel shapes.

You will therefore recognise these –

Indigo Energy Centre Readings: Example, the shape feels like a BALL. This could indicate that your person’s spiritual energies are circulating round and round for some reason. Maybe they are fearful of using their magical sonar device? The BALL can be unravelled by any spiritual, religious activity or an entrancingly beautiful experience where discernment can be used flowing outwards.

But the Indigo Centre is also the home of mental self-criticism. self judgement, agonising re-constructing of how we behaved, what we said, how we appear to others. Super self judgement makes a super sized ball!

Sometimes you will feel the energy flowing down your person’s face like a veil rather than a unicorn horn.

If it flows DOWN , your person might be feeling depressed with “not-getting-anywhere” feelings, or “it’s all my fault” feelings or “unable to see clearly”. Self blame, self focused.

Questions to ask yourself if the flows are strong or weak:-


Is the flow LARGE? If it is, check the red and orange energies for BALANCE. People with intense spiritual energies often forget to use their lower energies.

If the flow is minuscule, the person might be under pressure at home, at work, or financially which will show as large groin energy. They have lost confidence in their mental faculties. They are using all their survival energies to survive!

The Indigo Centre flows fully in Psychic people and can feel very hot. But it also does this in those in Psychosis, or people going into Psychosis.

The Brow centre and the Crown, are our spiritual connections, and when they open up, unexpectedly, or by design, we can teeter in and out of some very strange mental states.

Some people prefer to keep their BALL shapes – it feels safer!


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