Guide to “reading” the Purple/White energy centre – crown

We have reached the highest point in the physical energy centres of the human body – though there are more above us and below us.

The Purple/White Energy Centre (crown) (Brain). This energy is the fine energy that links a person to their higher self/soul. It’s the point of spiritual in-spiration.

Physically the crown relates to the cerebral cortex, the skull, and the brain.

I have never felt an absence in flow at the Crown – the top of the head. It is the connecting point to our soul. We are ALL connected to a higher source through here.

But, again, there are some shapes to consider.

When a person has a nice strong flow from the top of the head, it gives them “God presence” and they know their higher spiritual self. Source feels close. Or they are feeling inspired.

Purple/White Energy Centre Readings: Other shapes you will recognise – Example BALL – (Rare) This person feels cut off from any spiritual feelings and frustrated and confused because he feels he has them but he can’t link in to any “God presence” within himself – or anywhere. He doesn’t know how to feel a unity with the whole. He can’t seem to feel plugged in to any higher Source

If the flow feels POOR – (Common), this person is unable to get enough spiritual energy. Source presence has deserted him. This person doesn’t feel he has any spiritual abilities (unlike the above BALL, who knows he has them, but can’t link up.) He feels isolated. Alone, spiritually. Belief-less.

In mental illness, kundilini, or drug use, the crown centre can blow open. When it does that, our minds become a very scary place. If, on reading the brow with the crown, you find a hot, strong flow, it indicates as huge spiritual re-arrangement occurring.


Someone who has opened up.

CHECK other energy centres. When Spiritual completion has occured, someone who has opened up in a balanced fashion, will have all the other centres flowing equally well.

In turmoil, the other centres will reflect fear, depression, hesitation or loss of confidence.

Sometimes I encountered “powder puff” people whose energy centres had blended into a radiant rainbow whole. Very beautiful. Not sure what this quite means – but somebody out there will. I always assumed “powder puff” energy just radiated unconditional acceptance and love – and – gave healing.

So, onwards again…

To summarise – BE VERY CAREFUL in reading the flow from the energy centres, read ALL the energies first before you come to any conclusions because they are all linked. Where the flows are poor there are often health problems in that area. The point of this “diagnosis” is that a well-balanced “diet” of those aspects missing in someone’s life can be prescribed.

If your hands “run off” – that’s something else. A physical thing.

A Healthy Energy Centre is cone shaped with energy flowing gently up the sides and creating a rim. Energy spinning out in a spray left or right can make people emotional or, conversely, cold. When people are emotional at the wrong time, they can adjust the flow of energy and change their mood.

But more about all of that is coming up!

Stay with me….


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