Guide to “reading” Left and Right flows of an energy centre

A Healthy Energy Centre is cone shaped with energy flowing gently up the sides and creating a rim. Energy spinning out in a spray left or right can make people emotional or, conversely, cold. When people are emotional at the wrong time, they can adjust the flow of energy and change their mood.

The spinning can build up a feeling that the energy is flowing out to one side – left or right – a TILT.



These are just the characteristics we place on the flow of energy. And its the flow to the right or left side of your practise person, ginea pig/ person – not YOUR right or left.

If you find – Red

LEFT – red energy flowing up the left side. This person is under strict mental control.

RIGHT – red energy flowing up the right side. This person is in the grip of his emotions.


LEFT – This person has their creative feelings under strict mental control – not so creative!!

RIGHT – This person creates with emotion – is very linked in to his intuitive, dreaming side.


LEFT – This person has all his desires under the strict control of his mind. He’s probably quite “cold and calculating” about what he wants – needs warming up – (swing the energy to the right only if he complains about not being “happy” about what he is aiming for.)

RIGHT – This person is probably emotional about what he is trying to achieve which is good if it’s enthusiasm, but not if it’s insecurity. (Spin the energy to the left for mental control if over-emotional.)


LEFT – This person is controlling his hurt with rationalizations and mental activity if the centre is poor and left.

If it is flowing strongly and left, this person has his feelings of love and harmony very logically arranged – perhaps a “cold fish”, not much spontaneity or balance. He’’d give you a vacuum cleaner for your birthday!

RIGHT – This person will be overly emotional, effusive, touchy if the flow is strong.

If weak, – very tearful.

Questions to ask yourself –


Is the flow a temporary thing or has this person set his energy to flow like this habitually?

NB – You can change the mood of tearfulness immediately by spinning the green energy the left.  Move your hands to alter the “tilt” clockwise or counter-clockwise so the energy sprays down and up like a Catherine wheel to the side you want it to be.

The energy will follow your thought.


LEFT – Communication under control of the mind rather than spontaneous.

RIGHT – Over-reaction to feelings – emotions control speech and serenity This person might be gushily serene or verbally intense.


LEFT AND DOWN – Under mental control, critical and depressive.

RIGHT AND DOWN – Possibly too sensitive to the psychic aspect of their lives. Too anxious and self-critical.

So tilted energy centres can be straitened by your combined minds to flow out like a rainbow Mohican auric “haircut” – just out straight – “just right”.

As you move your hands over your person, you have told them what you feel, and how “just right” should feel. You are both visualising energy centres in your mind – remember we are working in the dimension of the imagination. The minute you MANIPULATE the energy centres by your combined intent, combined imagination, you are “healing” and not simply “reading” any more.

Besides left and right, there is one more important shape that needs healing the moment you encounter it.

And that shape is a flat disk.

If you are reading this, I am changing the emphasis now from “reading” to healing. Because that’s what I’m going to be talking about from now on…

Thanks for staying with me!


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