Healing hands “Running off”

If you have been practising “reading” the flow of energy from the energy centres, with your hands – listening with your palms – you will have been tuning in to your intuitive self.  The act of feeling something very subtle, makes you wonder if it’s your imagination, or if you do feel something, you will ask yourself “Is it real?”

These actions improve your senses.

I have already talked about keeping your mind still with no thought, except expectation. Its the healer’s mind. You become an open conduit for intuitions – which you share with the person you are working with. “Reading” energy centres is just a method of getting you into a healer’s way of no thought/expectation mode.

I used to always start with reading the energy centres. It gives a quick overall picture of what’s going on. Everything you “feel” should be shared with the person you are working with, because it’s their data in fact.

Then, a wonderful way of healing is to gradually move from toes to head with the palms down and hands only an inch or two from your person’s body. No thought. But a receptive mental state of waiting/expecting.

You are waiting for “running off” – the feeling that flows out of your hands when the other person’s body suddenly draws off you.

“Running off” can mean several things.

Your hands are perceiving an old injury, a new injury, an operation site, a break, – something from the past.


Your hands are over something now, that is drawing light from you to nourish a lack.

When your hands run off like that, ask the person if they had a injury there in the past, or if something is needing your light, at the present time.

Running off can be a signal reminding you you need to ask your person the reason for the signal, or a method of sharing your light in healing. Simply allow your light to flow. It’s not depleting you. In fact it’s moving your own energy which can only draw in more light. Sharing this subtle energy cannot ever run you dry!

So when your hands run off in healing, just keep them there!

How long do you hold your hands over a place that is drinking from your hands? Your person will tell you. Watch their breathing. As soon as it alters in any way, a sigh, a deep in breath, a cough, a sneeze, a change in the breathing, will tell you, it’s done.

And then you can move on.

Don’t forget legs, arms, hands and feet and the faces of people.

So, my healing sessions used to consist of “reading energy centres” and talking. And then a slow sweep over with my hands – often in healing running off.

And lastly, people used to lie in the wonderful light I made in my light room…

But more about that, another time!


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