How to make inexpensive light for healing in a room

My next few posts are going to be about making your own light for healing.

Nowadays, you can buy loads of devices on the internet at a price. But when I was healing, there was nothing – much – and because I never charged for my services and we had five children, I had to do it on the cheap.

So there are two ways to use light for healing.

Change the frequencies in the whole room.

When you do this, you are “force feeding” the desired frequency to your aura/energy centres. So Red would energise, Blue would calm. Green would cool.

Use a small device for topical application.

In a later post I’ll tell you about shining light on your pulse points or injuries or inflamed areas.

But –

The very important thing to remember is, despite all the science about light, if your eyes “see” blue – the light you see IS blue. If the light you see looks red it IS red. Simple! Your eyes are instruments for seeing colour.

I am talking about the colour of light – not colour, as in the colour of things.

So –

To change the colour of light in a room, there are two ways.

1.Cover the windows to change the light coming in.

2.Use a light source with a cover to change the light coming out.

Cover the windows to change the light coming in.

This is very difficult to do in countries where most houses have huge windows. My light room had two windows, both with cottage panes. The panes were coated with stained glass paint in the colours of the spectrum. Each pane had a white cover that clipped in which could block out the colour I didn’t want, or taken out, to expose the colours I was working with. The whole room, including the floor was painted white – a semi gloss – with reflective particles in it (like you get on a road marked with white lines). The healing bed and bedding was white. This is difficult to construct in a house you live in, where you need the room for something else too.

But, good light rooms, that are simply decorated in white, or cream can work well too. If the windows are smallish – as they are here in the UK – then sheets of Cellophane pasted together with cello tape are easy to apply inside, over the windows, whatever kind they are. The other excellent window cover are gels from a stage lighting outlet – but are expensive to buy by the metre.  Use white Blu-tack or cello or Press-stick to attach them.

The problem with using windows as a light source in Northern Climes is that often there isn’t much! And the light has gone by three in the afternoon.

So a solution is the have blinds/shutters/heavy curtains as blackout and use a light source within the room.

And I’ll talk more about that in my next post….

Use a light source with a cover to change the light coming out. 


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