Unexpected visitor

One day I was in the centre and there was a knocking at the door. Standing on the veranda stood the most beautiful blonde-haired shining-eyed man. He simply radiated light. He had come to talk to me as he was visiting South Africa from the UK to research information he needed and was staying nearby … More Unexpected visitor

Just take a pill!

People came to try our colour room. I became quite practised in changing the light and the white room glowed with such brilliance I have not seen anything like it anywhere else. A treatment consisted of relaxing on a comfortable white couch in the light of all the windows I’’d left unblocked. I could make all … More Just take a pill!

The angry man story

I was working as one of a group of healers at a music festival. An angry, aggressive man arrived at our tent and challenged one of us to “heal” him. He was exceptionally unpleasant and a scornful sceptic of all ideas of alternative healing. I was the only one free at the time, so I … More The angry man story

The Dark Side story

I have worked with people of just about every conceivable religion –even young  teenage Goths. There was quite a stream of them at one time. They were such serious, depressed youngsters – my heart went out to them. Several had blown open the crown energy centre with taking drugs. They had got tuned in to … More The Dark Side story

Paul and his dog

Paul – the guy who used Urine Therapy for his cancer, had had an extraordinary experience with a psychic. Some years previous to moving in to The Place of Angels, he had tried to commit suicide by connecting a hose pipe to the exhaust of his car which he parked in a remote spot. He … More Paul and his dog

The snake story

I saw Julie on the 31st January at my clinic and noted how well she looked. She had just had a blood transfusion, due to the pressure on her by her friends and husband who believed that some things about modern western medicine were good and helpful – blood transfusions being one of the good … More The snake story