The eat meat anecdote

Someone asked me why I write so much about the rooting energies. Well, I do because they are the ones we have the most trouble with! Also, the base energy system needs to be working well giving us energy and vigour otherwise our physical ‘home’ will not serve us well.

When Julie first came to me – (as usual referred by a doctor passing a ‘terminal’ person to me) she had gone through all sorts of rigorous cleansing diets, detoxes, and strenuous meditational visualisations and physical regimes. She was a strict vegetarian.

The first thing Sheel said to me was “”This woman needs lots of good STEAK!””

I told her. She was shocked.

I suppose she thought I was wrong but I believe she did try a steak or two.

When you are sick, your body needs packed protein to repair itself. Protein from an animal has more goodness in it than munching on screaming lettuce leaves, or alive raw food.

At least meat is already dead!

I did explain to Julie that everything has contracted with everything else in transactions of mutual agreement. Plants have transacted to be eaten. They also took on the role of the healer. Many remedies and drugs come from plants.

Animals likewise have a sacrificial role of feeding other animals (their healing role) and of being fed by them. You can see this in Mother Nature from hyenas feeding on giraffes to ladybugs feeding on aphids, birds feeding on caterpillars or other birds – or ladybugs!. In fact The Food Chain can be viewed in pacific (peaceful) terms as a miracle of interrelated agreements or negatively, as quite disgusting.

We forget that one of the constant healers in our life is food. Meat, (that is animal tissue) – fish, fowl etc.  is full of healing and nurturing potential, packed very efficiently and easy to digest because of this. There is a difference between people who are vegetarian because they are revolted by the taste of meat to those who morally will not eat it.

Morally, we cannot eat ANYTHING. There is good evidence that plants have a consciousness that reacts to violence. So DO salads scream as we are chewing them? I have met fruitarians who believed they could eat only that which nature had fruited. But much fruit is not meant for us, but for the seed of the plant producing it. We cannot avoid being interconnected with plants and animals; we need to feel grateful that we are.

But I think Julie had her own ideas on the morality of food.

And that was OK.


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