The Urine Therapy story

Paul had an interesting story. As soon as he was diagnosed with cancer, he collapsed into being bedridden, but the local hospital provided him with a wheelchair. One evening after a talk at The Place of Angels, whilst people were milling about getting coffee and chatting, I saw Paul next to the library shelves holding a book in his lap.

““This book is going to save my life”” he told me.

““What is it?”” I asked.

““It’s called The Water of Life”.”

““Oh” I said. ” I’’d never heard of it.

““It’’s about Urine therapy”” he said.

“Oh?” I’’d never heard of that either!

I must take my hat off to Paul, because he started treating himself immediately and I was in contact with Coen Van Der Kroon whose book The Golden Fountain had just been published, and he guided us via e-mail.

We saw Paul take to a walking frame, crutches, two sticks, one stick and then on Christmas day six months after he came to us, he walked unaided from his bedroom to the dining room to partake of Christmas Dinner. We all cheered!


5 thoughts on “The Urine Therapy story

    1. I worked with a person once with a very bad skin on her face. After this story about Paul and the Urine Therapy, I suggested to this girl, she put her own urine on her face. It fixed her face – but she didn’t drink it. So it can be used on the skin – and for injuries too. Thanks for your comment.

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