The Dark Side story

I have worked with people of just about every conceivable religion –even young  teenage Goths. There was quite a stream of them at one time. They were such serious, depressed youngsters – my heart went out to them.

Several had blown open the crown energy centre with taking drugs. They had got tuned in to some frightening streams of foreign consciousness.

I didn’’t know an easy answer for their problems – but I knew the solution was to find a source of purer thought so that they could escape the negative stuff that entwined them. –

One Saturday, a chap arrived on a motorbike to “check out” our place. He was dressed in black leather, black helmet, on a huge black motor bike. There was a course running in our big house which was now hosting healers from all over the world.

My husband told him what we were about – colour, light and healing.

“Hell no!” exclaimed the Black Knight, “That’s not for me. I’m working on the Dark Side this weekend.”

And he roared off.

We laughed a long time.

Everyone to their own place. The Dark Side has one too.


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