The angry man story

I was working as one of a group of healers at a music festival. An angry, aggressive man arrived at our tent and challenged one of us to “heal” him. He was exceptionally unpleasant and a scornful sceptic of all ideas of alternative healing.

I was the only one free at the time, so I took him into my little section and told him I could give him one of my “readings”. I explained that– this was simply to tell him what I felt from the flow of his energy and why I thought it was like that.

When I told him he had problems with his self-esteem and very grave money problems, this aggressive, loud, “nasty” man burst into tears and wept. He sobbed  and wailed out tons of bottled up emotion to me who just sat and listened. It was a long and intricate story about his divorce, his failing business, his disrespectful children, his disappointment in life.

I simply listened.

Afterwards (of course), he felt a whole lot better,– thanking me for the “healing”, but I had done nothing at all!

After that, throughout the festival, he’d pop in and chat to all of us in our little white tents.

He was a changed man.


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