Looking for the Spiritual you?

All of us are spiritual beings.

What do I mean by that?

We are all “the Cosmos”, “the One”, “the Divine” – God as you understand him. Even in Scientific terms, we are made of atoms, electrons etc. that is the matter of everything else too. We are One in that sense as well.

We cannot help it.

We cannot avoid it.

It just IS.

Being alive, scientifically, is an unbroken stream of aliveness from the beginning of the first aliveness. If you are alive, you are carrying that first aliveness and you can’t help it.

The stuff of matter is as alive as you are. It moves, it  responds to the activities of other atoms, electrons – it often can’t be predicted. Scientifically, THAT kind of aliveness has been doing such a thing since the Big Bang.

Matter can’t help it.

That is just the way it IS.

“Life” is a mystery. “Sub-atomic” activity is mysterious. As it works in your physical body it is SO complex, we cannot understand it. It’s also linked to your happiness, joy, and your thoughts and emotions. It is interconnected with your consciousness.

What is “Conciousness”? For me, it is the force that enables everything.

What seems to me, is that if you are searching for your spiritual “you”, you are already IT.

Everything around you, every experience, good or bad, is your spiritual journey. And just like you cannot always control the activities of the atoms and electrons working in your body, you cannot control what happens to you in the workings of life around you either. It is too complex a thing of interconnectedness. It doesn’t always depend on US.

It is, to my mind, not correct to think it does.

So, if you are looking for your spiritual self, on your spiritual path, you HAVE it!

It’s you, just as you are, RIGHT NOW.


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