Do you want to improve yourself?

Are you looking to become a better person? To improve yourself? Are you trying to find a Religion to follow, a path that will satisfy you? A goal to aim for? A group to follow. The meaning of life?

The real world out there seems to be expecting this of you. It is sold to you as “empowerment”. Improve yourself!   Everyone should improve themselves.

It is big business!

Follow a Guru.

Raise money for charity.

Go to classes on self improvement.

Join a club.

Do courses.

Get a makeover.

Get fit.

Improve yourself!

Do it – yes – I’m not saying don’t. Many ways of improving yourself are very worthwhile and WORTH paying for.


Spiritually, you have NO responsibility to improve yourself.

You are perfect already. Your gifts, skills, looks and life are entirely what you chose to further your spiritual development.

If you want something “better”, that also might be what you came to do here, – improve yourself, I mean, – but who you are, what you are, the way you look, even how intelligent or healthy you are is spiritually perfect.


The REALLY important lesson, that seems the hardest thing to understand, is that your only “duty” to perform while you are here is to love yourself.

When that happens, all else follows.

Loving yourself, with all it’s flaws, is the most important self improvement of all.

I think.

And the hardest thing to do.


4 thoughts on “Do you want to improve yourself?

  1. How do you know this, Elizabeth? Is this something you worked out for yourself, or is something you intuitively know? I ask, because you said it is something ‘we chose’, and I have heard this before. Is it really just as simple/complex as that?

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    1. I believe we chose. My instructions from Sheel, were that we choose. I think it’s much more complex than science says. Science will tell us we are just a body. We are spiritual beings who have taken on a body. ALL of life is ‘spiritual’ – washing dishes, getting cross, being frightened, going to work. It’s the journey we take.

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