Are you just what’s inside your skin?

Are you just what’s inside your skin?

Or are you what is inside your mind?

WHERE are you?

Are you larger than your skin?

How do you know what you are?

I think it depends on your attitude. If you think there is more to than just what’s in your skin, you will have a rich adventure on your spiritual journey. There will be a much lager terrain to explore.

If you simply think you are a mind created by the workings of your brain, all you have, is a mind and a body. The mind, in these days with mass information being pumped into it, can so easily be manipulated by the minds of those producing the information that influence over you is easy. Never before, has it been so easy to influence you.

Everyone has a feeble mind unless you are strong enough to resist influence. A brain that thinks feebly like that, has lost its sensitivity to more subtle connections of “minds”. You will simply think you are just what’s inside your skin. Even so, you are in charge of a metropolis of atoms and molecules that form you. It’s a powerful role – to be in charge of a metropolis of other living, minute, creatures all working together to keep YOU together as a conscious creature!

But what if you are more than just what’s inside your skin? What if you are more? What if your mind is  a receiving and broadcasting station for CONSCIOUSNESS itself? Instead of your brain making you conscious with the danger of allowing that feebleness to be groomed into a tool for the minds of others to use – to make you behave, think and act in predetermined ways, your transmitting and receiving mechanism becomes YOUR tool for ADVENTURE.

If you think, as I do, that Consciousness is much more complex than that made by your brain, then you can relax. You can comfort yourself that Consciousness is leading.

Whatever is happening around you, is NOT purposeless. EVERYTHING has meaning.

And YOU are as meaningful as everything else.


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