Which side are you on?

Everyone is aware of the physical aspect of being alive.

Some of you are aware that beyond the physical aspect of being alive, there is that part of your brain that is “aware” of “you” being alive that is more than just your arms, legs, tables or chairs, or knowledge.

That which is more than you is YOU observing YOU being alive.

If you can observe yourself from afar, from a centre that is a bit separate from the emotions, thoughts and senses of your physical part of being alive, it is an action that makes life more comfortable and allows the vicissitudes of life to flow over you and not destroy you.

To do this, you have to take sides. Are you on the side of the real physical you, with all the discomfort, joy and excitement of living your life thinking you are constrained by that?


Are you on the side of that “observer self” that watches yourself having a life?

Take sides? What do I mean “take sides”?

I mean that you can make a conscious choice.

Are you going to experience your life only through your physical aspect?


Are you going to consciously switch to your “observer self” and watch yourself from afar?

You don’t have to meditate, burn incense, hug a tree, pray or do any other thing to take sides.

All you have to do is switch the way you think.

In an instant.


3 thoughts on “Which side are you on?

  1. This post was so useful for me this morning. Thanks, Elizabeth. I had to ‘remember’ that ‘this’ life is not forever and the vicissitudes of life now are just temporary and really not that important. Well the things that are annoying me anyway. lol

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