Good explosions

Things happen when the Universe is moving you into a new life position.

Sometimes the energy gets so strong, it actually has an effect on material things.

I remember attending a course on Aura Soma.

Image result for aura soma

The bottles were stacked like this on a side table. We were working with them, and also with ourselves.  All of us were sitting quietly in our chairs at the end of a hard learning day and our teacher was ending the session. The bottles had stood, stacked on their little shelves all day.

But the room was full of energy – the energy of Spirit-at-work. Some of us had worked through hard stuff, cried, been angry, hugged, forgiven, laughed, and grown.

The room was full – chock full, of palpable invisible-ness at work.

Suddenly, astonishingly, the little Aura Soma bottles took off from their shelves and tumbled down onto the table below in a multicoloured heap.

Affirmation of the Presence.

Sometimes, we ourselves can trigger a good explosion. Sometimes things need to be said to clear the air. But we can shock ourselves when a good explosion happens in our lives, whether it was something that just popped out of our mouths in words, or something someone else said to us. Or something we did, suddenly, spontaneously, when we were not in our right minds.

An example of these good explosions are when we help a perfect stranger, or hug the headmaster!

Unexpected, but affirming the Presence.

Good explosions, when they happen, are wonderful. They make us think. They surprise us.

They affirm the Presence is hard at work in our lives.


4 thoughts on “Good explosions

  1. I’ve missed seeing you in my Reader so came to have a look. WP seems to have unfollowed me to your posts, but I notice you haven’t written since this one. I’ve refollowed. I hope everything is OK.

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    1. We have sold our house and have bought another. My life is so chaotic, I thought I’d rest. Spiritually, I’m having to release myself from huge sections of my past life. We are downsizing radically. So my husband is also facing the idea that we are “leaving behind” large parts of our life – and a great deal of loved material possessions. But I see our future as a chance to blossom. The nourishment is all our life experiences and material goods that we seem to be sorting through. It’s the “compost” for a new, productive time. Trouble is we haven’t got there yet -in the UK, buying and selling houses is a Medieval nightmare of uncertainty. My spiritual “compost” is simply waiting to be “dug in” to my new life!

      Talking about compost – we have a large garden. At this time it needs masses of attention. I want it to be extra nice when the new people (both garden addicts like me), move in.

      I feel very touched you noticed my absence – but it’s just temporary. I’m just on leave. Thank you for your kindness.

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      1. I feel a connection, so your absence left a hole 🙂 I’m glad it isn’t anything more catastrophic. Mind yiou, yu are going through one of life’s biggest challenges, uprooting and relocating, decluttering and renewing. Hope and pray that it all goes as seamlessly as possible for you. I have no doubt the ‘compost’ you are creating will be deeply nourishing for establishing the new for you. Every blessing 🙂

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