My tin cup has been causing trouble

I have not posted here for almost two months. But I AM coming back.


I hope.

Let me tell you the problem.

It’s really about my tin mug – my cup. During my Kundilini experience , my “angel” Sheel, instructed me to give everything I owned away as I approached my final and terrifying experience.

See –

About Spiritual Emergency and Kundilini

The only thing I was to obtain, was a tin mug or tin cup. This was the ONLY thing I could “own”. Everything else in my life, I was to consider “on loan”, but not “belonging” to me personally.

My tin cup – actually, it’s stainless steel – has never been a problem. I love it. I drink from it everyday after I have cleaned my teeth for it sits on the bathroom basin. Everyday, I think about the fact that it’s the only thing I own.

The trouble I have had with my cup, is that it is constantly overflowing with gifts and loans, that I don’t own, but that are merely, spiritually speaking, for me to use for a while. Borrowed from Source, so to speak.

I have had a life of abundance.

I have had every material thing I ever needed.

I have been lucky and blessed.

So now, I am moving house.

If only I just had to move my cup!

It’s all the OTHER stuff – tons of it – that’s causing the trouble.

I blame it on my cup.

Here is a picture of it – the only thing I really own.

My cup


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