The spiritual rest phase

We have moved at last. We moved from the country to the town. Somehow, in our old house in the country, I seemed to go through a very long spiritual rest phase.

When we first moved into our old house (in the country) I was burning bright. I published books for myself and others, was involved in healing and writing and was spiritually active even in the quiet of my mind. But the fire slowly diminished, until there were only some pale embers left of what had been there before. I seemed to dumb down – even become de-activated, as if waiting, waiting.



Waiting for a Spiritual Spring.

I have been in that same place before. I know there are only two rules.

Be patient.

Hold onto the idea that Source will re-infuse you when the time is right.

If YOU are in a resting phase, Be patient. It’s only resting. Wait and watch for the signs that will lead you to your next task.

No one can lose their spirituality – ever. Even though we feel we have. Every living thing is Source expressing Itself. It ebbs and flows in us too.

If you are resting – watch out! Something new is on it’s way.



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