Firing your Guru

As far as I understand it, our aim in spiritual development, is to “stand alone” so to speak. That is, after all our learning, we become independent beings, expressing Source.

I have met people who followed a Guru, absorbing all the inspiration they offered, galloping along nicely on their journey, and enjoying it all. Suddenly, the awe and reverence falls away, and little seeds of doubt enter the heart. Unfortunately this discontent can grow into feelings of disagreement, or even betrayal and hurt at being “duped”, “led astray” or sometimes hate and anger develops against their former Guru whose feet of clay are suddenly discerned.

When THAT happens, the student leaves the master. And that is exactly as it should be.

A Guru is a teacher. When you, the student, has learned what you are ready to know, it is the right time to fire your Guru and face Source for your very own self.

And if that seems scary, and you feel lost and alone, ask for assistance. It will come – often in most surprising ways. Being quite alone with Source, with no map or direction, is not for everyone. But there are many well travelled paths to choose from on your spiritual journey that might be tailor made for wherever you find yourself.


One thought on “Firing your Guru

  1. Interesting. As I was reading, I found myself wondering about who my Guru was. I have fired several over the years I think. And now my Guru has become my very best friend with whom I walk side by side. Together and separately we have found a very comfortable way of continuing our journey.

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