Who wells your love?

I can’t remember if I told you the story of my dog. Not the one I had to give away, but the one I had to kill.

She taught me the deepest lesson. You create from a place of LOVE.

All over the internet you find material about creating the world you want – of manifesting.  “The Secret” and other material is really inspirational. You can manifest with thought and receive it. Any physical possession can be yours, money, cars, houses and jobs – abracadabra!

I published a book for someone once – no two books – the same book with two different titles. I can’t remember what the first book was called, but the second was called “Fuck positive thinking!” It was a very good book by someone who had been back and forwards through the British Mental Health Services for recurring, crippling depression. There are some times when visualisation, manifestation and all “The Secrets” in the world cannot help you.

Sometimes the negatives in your life will overwhelm you. Imagine living in Iraq during Shock and Awe and making it go away? Or being on your death bed, being destroyed of life, what place for manifesting health then?

So back to my dog. I was sitting on the couch in my lounge with my sick dog on my lap, resting there. She couldn’t die and she couldn’t live. I knew the angel of death is the most loving angel of all, and that I needed to put my dog to sleep.  Love overwhelmed me – not just for my dog, but a bigger love that encompassed all animals unable to live, yet not able to die either.

I phoned the vet for I knew it was the perfect time, with both me and my dog comfortable on the old well-known couch, with all the well-known smells and human caresses. I asked him to come immediately and put my dog to sleep where she lay on my lap.

We lived in the country. Country vets are different to town vets. You can do that sort of thing with them.

“Oh, no”, he said “I can’t. I’m just on my way out to a calving. I could only get there this afternoon, sorry.”

I was disappointed. But the dog and I stayed together, warm and comfortable. The emotion of all-encompassing love, simply grew, triggered by my love for our old dog. I visualised the exact sequence of events that would make this moment perfect for her dying even though I knew the vet was not coming and that in the afternoon, the moment would be different.

Love welled over – not just for us two, but for the world.

The phone rang. “Calving got cancelled – I’m on my way.” said the vet.

My husband let him into the house and everything, everything happened exactly as I had visualised.

We manifest from a place of love.

But love – all encompassing love – is often very difficult to cause as a creative emotion. You need to find what wells your love. My real dog did. But my daughter painted her picture and that picture “wells my love” every time I see it.

I have used it again and again when my love is arid.

Gracie painting



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