Clinging to physical things feels “safe”

Sheel told me to write some notes.

Write –  “Life is an illusion except for the very moment that you are living. And even that is an illusion because the very instant you are conscious of the “now”- it has already gone!

The past consists of memories that are rather like a dream. They are not recalled in the exact details of their happening. They cannot be re-lived even by thinking about them.

The future is a dream that hasn’t happened yet. Often the future is coloured by your subconscious and conscious fears. The future is not always a pleasant thing to think about. It can be warped by the fears that are tangling around it. Also, it is unknown – not “safe”. The future cannot be lived until it has come.

The only part of consciousness that feels real is the NOW. But that is not real either. The moment you write this word it is done and it is already unreal because it is a memory.

You cling to your material possessions because to you they do not seem to have this illusionary quality.

Your house is always there. Your bed is the same every night. Your mate is the same. Your children are the same.

Relationships become as important as material possessions are. They appear to be the only real part of living. That is why you and others are unable to let them go so easily.

All humans, desire to have their future plans prepared and cut and dried in their heads. This gives them a reality feeling. The past is only a memory of many “nows” and they worry about the future unnecessarily.  They forget that NOW is the only reality. Except even NOW has already gone. The future will be a succession of “nows”.

So, material possessions, relationships and the planning of a future become the obsession of all people. This is their reality. In this, they feel “safe”. Spiritual reality is ethereal. It is a theory. If you are not practising it, it is not real.”

8 thoughts on “Clinging to physical things feels “safe”

    1. Absolutely. And, in a way, that’s the scary bit. The only way we can get a feeling of “reality”, is if my red shoes are the same as your red shoes, or if your hut is more or less the same as mine, and, culturally, if we have the same or similar habits and upbringing. All that, to me, is superficial to experiencing yourself spiritually. Inspirational people through the centuries have had the same spiritual experiences despite their physical trappings whether they have lived in a cell or a palace. That, to me, makes the spiritual aspect of us humans – or maybe animals too?, more trustworthy, more real than matching red shoes!

      Oh, am I waffling?

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      1. No, not at all! I think animals are very connected. I have read and listened to some amazing conversation animal communicators have had. It can be heartbreakingly sad and wonderfully heartwarming.

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