Ever tried doing nothing?

Years ago, I had a not-very-bad car accident. But is was frightening because I was deliberately pushed off the road by another driver.  Someone suggested I go to a psychologist to help me with my after accident jitters – panic attacks I think.

But actually that’s not what I really wanted to tell you!

What I wanted to say was how I was given the idea that doing nothing might be healing.

I remember sitting on the couch in the  psychologist’s rooms snivelling into hand fulls of tissues, coloured by running mascara, smudged lipstick and blue eye-shadow. I remember being UPSET. The psychologist did nothing except hand me more tissues and exude a concerned air.

Eventually, she asked me what my mother was like. (Have you noticed that when you collapse, psychologists always think it might be the fault of your mother?)

Well, anyway, my mother was a well known author in the country where I lived. She was SUCCESSFUL. So I told her who my mother was.

She then asked me to tell her the ONE thing I’d learned from my mother. So I told her, it was making a day’s plan, to try to achieve something everyday. Daily achievement was the thing.

She sat back on her chair and said “God, how EXHAUSTING!”

I was both astonished and shocked. And suddenly illuminated!

You don’t have to achieve something every day!

Some days you can do NOTHING.


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