The benefits of doing nothing – and why you should

My last post was about the day I realised that the constant drive successful people have for doing something every day towards their goal and ambitions is not always the best way of “achieving”.

For years, I lived like that having been brainwashed by my very successful mother, that THAT was the way you achieved your own success. It was what she did it. Every moment of her day was organised.  I have lists of what I will do for the day, and the feeling of self respect when I score through them, does make me feel good about myself. So I still do it. Old habits die hard.


in the hurry to be “efficient”, I forget to watch the bees harvesting nectar in my garden, I hurried the chat with my neighbour, because I wanted to get home, I shoo’ed the dog on from sniffing around a hole in a tree trunk instead of investigating it myself, and I forgot to gawp at the clouds.


mostly, I omitted to communicate with my inner angel.

Spiritual things require times of doing nothing, so that something internal can happen. Some folk go to church, or meditate regularly – but that is still doing something!


the most healing thing a person who values the idea of “achieving” can do, is to put aside a day where they plan absolutely nothing in which they can dawdle, dream, be spontaneous, be silent, lay about, watch birds or bees, listen to rocks, hug a tree and allow Source to offer them gifts.

Allow the day to do its OWN thing!

On those doing-nothing days moments of grace appear.


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