The little creatures you can love that live in your electronic things

I view everything as living. EVERYTHING is living, an emanation from Source.

But sometimes it’s hard to be loving to your electronic goods – ESPECIALLY computers!

I found a way to get people more patient with their computers, laptops and phones, when I was teaching computers to disabled people.

I would say, “Do you know your computer is full of electrons, little living particles of light? Think of them as little living creatures – little “people” living in your computer-city. Every time you push a key, or give instruction to your device, they have to rush around to do YOUR bidding!”

People would laugh. But I noticed, often, a change in attitude. Of patience.

I would say “Oh no! your little people have got all confused – they’re all jammed up in the passages, not knowing where to go!” if something went wrong. “And the best way to help them is to turn your computer off. They’ll all go to bed and when you start it again, everything will work properly, you’ll see.”


Sometimes, in life, which is full of REAL people running around trying to find a way through the obstacles of living, it is a good idea to switch YOURSELF off. When you awaken in the morning, many things you were worrying about might have sorted themselves out, whilst you were doing nothing.

But for electronic devices, it can be a miracle cure. Be patient. All your little people are trying their best – just like the real people of life.


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