Putting on the costume

At the core of every living thing, is Source/Creation/God.

At the core of every non-living thing, is Source/Creation/God.

Sometimes it’s easier to love non living things like Rocks, Mountains, Rainbows etc because they are clearly beautiful.

And Animals are easy to love as representatives of God’s creation.

Human beings are more difficult. Their Source is hidden often under the most garish costumes that Human Beings take on when they incarnate.

The selection we have is vast! We could dress ourselves as elite millionaires or poverty stricken beggars. As whole and healthy or anything else. As celebrities – as no-one. As bombastic, as meek. As beautiful physically or ugly. And our professions are part of our costumes.

Lots of people, unaware of their spiritual aspect take on jobs that help others – in all the service industries – hospitals, offices, hospitality, teaching and Government.

So I know that under every costume of spiritually aware and non spiritually aware folk, is Source – that which has caused ME to be also. We are the same – only our costumes differ.

But once a man came to me for something I forget. He had the most amazingly beautiful aura. In those days I used to see symbols in people’s auras – it helped me understand them better. Packed in this man’s huge glowing aura was a crown of thorns!

“Wow”, I thought to myself. “This guy has taken on a lot of suffering.”

So I asked him what he did for a living.

“I’m a slaughter-man in an abattoir.” he said.

And then I thought to myself that how amazing it was that this beautiful creature, with a wonderful aura, had taken on the job of killing animals as his costume.

Someone has to do that job too.


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